Branded Re-Usable Straws

Over 8.5 billion plastic straws are used each year in the UK alone, many will end up in in our oceans or landfill – we need to make a change.

Do your bit to live in a world with more fish in the sea and help save our planet. A reusable straw will help to prevent waste and promote your brand.

  1. Silicone Straw ZP3670264

    Branded Silicone Straw Colours
    The reusable Silicone Straw is a perfect alternative to the plastic straw. 8.5 billion...

    From£0.63 Each

  2. Flexy Straw Silicone Straw In PP Case ZP3670263

    Flexy Straw Silicone Straw In Pp Case. Reusable silicone drinking straw in PP case....

    From£1.16 Each

  3. Natural Straw Bamboo Straws With brush In Pouch ZP3670262

    Natural Straw Bamboo Straw W/brush In Pouch. Set of 2 reusable bamboo straws , stainless...

    From£2.71 Each

  4. Re-Usable Folding Straws ZP3670261

    Branded Folding Straws Black
    The Re-Usable Folding Straws can be supplied in an ABS or eco-friendly wheat fibre box, a pull out...

    From£3.49 Each

Promotional Re-usable Straw to help save the Environment. 

Branded Reusable straws are the perfect eco-friendly solution to help prevent plastic waste one of the biggest problems facing our planet.

Produced from food grade materials, these personalised reusable straws last a long time, are durable and sustainable.

Everyone wants to do thier part is helping us become a world free of  disposable plastic straws. 

These custom printed reusable straws, with your logo, gives you a great marketing tool that promote your corporate responsibility for the environment.

We need to invest in the future of our planet. Recipients will see your brand on promotional eco friendly straws each time they need a new drink.