Promotional Reflectors

  1. Soft Touch Bespoke Reflective Keyrings ZP2675034

    Soft Touch Bespoke Reflective Keyring Main
    Soft Touch Bespoke Reflective Keyrings are available in a choice of colours and sizes. This is a...

    From£0.37 each

  2. Animal Shaped Reflectors ZP2675032

    Animal Shaped Reflectors Main
    Animal Shaped Reflectors are available in Bear, Mouse/ Puppy, Cat, Owl or Dino Shapes. All...

    From£0.63 each

  3. Shaped Reflectors ZP2675033

    shaped Reflectors Main
    Shaped Reflectors are available in Snowflake, Car, Heart, Triangle, Square, Mobile, Bus/Truck or...

    From£0.69 each

  4. Reflector Carabiner Key Lights ZP2675035

    reflector Carabiner Key Light Main
    Reflector Carabiner Key Lights are Reflecting carabiner with chrome clip and LED light. Made from...

    From£0.92 each

  5. Klip Reflector Lights ZP2675036

    Klip Reflector Lights Main
    Klip Reflector Lights with coloured back clip and 2 light settings. Light Settings - steady white...

    From£1.37 each

  6. Seemii Reflector Lights ZP2675037

    Seemii Reflector Lights Main
    Seemii Reflector Lights are outdoor reflector LED lights with 3 bright white LED's and single LED...

    From£1.63 each

  7. Rideo Reflector Lights ZP2675039

    Rideo Reflector Lights Main
    Rideo Reflector Lights are outdoor safety light with on/off power switch providing steady and...

    From£2.01 each

  8. Olymp LED Arm Bands ZP2675038

    Olymp LED Arm Bands Main
    Olymp LED Arm Bands are adjustable, elastic outdoor visibility LED arm strap with nonwoven...

    From£2.01 each

Promotional Reflectors are shine bright to raise awareness of your brand

As the dark nights and mornings draw in, it important that to be seen whilst making essential journeys. Promotional printed reflectors can be put on bikes, coats or bags to be seen easily when outdoors.

Many road safety charities distribute Branded Reflectors to children to encourage them to stay safe while crossing the street.  We have a range of fun shapes that are sure to appeal to children and help them been seen when out and about.  

We have a number of Promotional Reflector Lights which provide enhanced illumination for the user - take a look at the Klip Reflector Lights which offer a Solid white light or a blinking red light. it also has a good areas to brand with your company logo

To know more about our Promotional Reflectors branded with you company logo and business details, get in touch with our sales team today! Call us up at 0800 024 8461 or email us at

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