Promotional Rotring Pens

  1. Rotring Tikky Ballpoint Pens ZP0335006

    Rotring Tikky Ballpoint Pens are the entry level Rotring offering in smooth ball point mode....

    From£3.37 each

  2. Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencil Pens ZP0335007

    Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencils are great to create sketches, technical drawings and texts...

    From£3.59 each

  3. Rotring Madrid Mechanical Pencils ZP0335002

    Rotring Madrid Mechanical Pencils, where visual appearance and precision count. With its...

    From£6.15 each

  4. Rotring Madrid Ballpoint Pens ZP0335001

    Rotring Madrid Ballpoint Pens is where visual appearance and precision count. With its intelligent...

    From£6.51 each

  5. Rotring Tikky Multipen Pens ZP0335008

    Rotring Tikky Multipens is the ultimate all round pen! Ergonomical design and convincing...

    From£13.48 each

  6. Rotring Rapid Pro Ballpoint Pens ZP0335003

    Rotring Rapid Pro Ballpoint Pens are the perfect professional tool for all sketching, writing and...

    From£27.15 each

  7. Rotring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencils ZP0335004

    Rotring Rapid PRO Mechanical Pencils are the perfect professional tool for all sketching, writing...

    From£27.15 each

Opt for Branded Rotring pens as your next promotional giveaway!

The ability of personalised pens to circulate easily creates an exceptional promotional value and makes them more than any other stationary item. The quality of a pen is important, and should aim at creating a lasting memory for your business or brand. Using a good quality pen in your promotional campaign will result in more recognition and use of your pen on a daily basis. The use of promotional pens from premium brands like Rotring, Waterman or Parker has always brought about great success for many companies.

To make sure that your business benefits from such bespoke pen solutions, we have a wide array of promotional Rotring pens available in different colours, shapes and styles. Founded in 1928 in Hamburg, Rotring is world famous for its technical writing and drawing instruments. The word “Rot ring” literally means ‘red ring’, something which is still found around the barrel of their pens today! With a perfect amalgamation of scientific engineering and precision, Rotring pens are the best tools for all kinds of creative individuals such as engineers, architects and designers who like to develop and design. Technical drawing and writing tools from the house of Rotring provide you with the possibility to work with accuracy and give you the inspiration to realise your creative ideas with ease. At Zest Promotional, we offer affordably priced ballpoint pens and mechanical pencil pens under a variety of Rotring product lines like the Tikky, the Rapid Pro, Dubai and Madrid.

Mechanical pencils from the Tikky and Madrid lines are ideal for sketching, writing and drawing activities. The intelligent design and the use of Hi-Polymer leads in Tikky mechanical pencils, ensures a high level of durability and flexibility. In fact, ballpoint pens from the Tikky line are the most popular entry level smooth ballpoint pen solutions available in the market! Their scientifically engineered wave-form grip provides exceptional control, and a smooth writing and drawing experience. Apart from these two renowned collections, their Rapid Pro range of mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens are also considered the perfect drawing and writing tools. The solid metal, hexagonal barrel shape and the knurled grip highlight the technical proficiency of this well known German brand.

Amongst them all, Rotring Tikky Multipen pens are the ultimate all round performing pens. These multi-purpose 3 in 1 pens are the most efficient technical writing tools and provide an effortless writing, drawing and sketching experience. Along with the ergonomic wave design, their “Magic view” mechanism ensures easy transformation of the pen into a mechanical pencil, a ballpoint pen to highlight, or a ballpoint pen to write in style!

With years of technical know-how in the field of logo design, our sales team is adept at doing all kinds of imprinting work on these branded Rotring pens. Have our team of branding experts customise these promotional corporate gifts with your logo and company name to maximize your brand visibility. Through the use of advanced branding methods, we can help you create innovative and attention-grabbing business details and messages.

For additional information on our range of Rotring pens with logo and the various branding methods available, get in touch with our sales team today! Call us up at 0800 024 8461 or email us at to know more!

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