Promotional Shoe Shine & Polish Kits

  1. Round Shoe Shine Kits ZP2760001

    Round Shoe Shine Kits are a quick fix on the road when your shoes need a polish. Available in...

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  2. 4 Piece Shoe Shine Kit in Case ZP2760003

    4 Piece Shoe Shine Kit in Case is a convenient all in one shoe polish kit which contains black...

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Let your brand shine everywhere with our promotional shoe shine & polish kits!

It is often said that a person’s shoes are a window into their personality. This is indeed true because a person’s shoes talk a lot about their dignity and personality. Shoes must always be kept shiny and polished to reveal the neat and dignified personality of an individual. Moreover, in the corporate world, properly polished shoes are paramount because an individual often needs to attend business meetings with important clients or with seniors on a regular basis. So, get our promotional shoe shine & polish kits for your clients and employees so they are always prepared with this handy corporate giveaway.

There are five different types of shoe shine & polish kits in our collection. All of them are handy and portable and can be used at home or office and can also be carried while travelling. Each of the kits comes in a well packaged case but the contents of the kits may vary. There are two types in our collection, one round and another rectangular in shape, which contain only the sponge. The other varieties include a shoe brush, shoe horn, shoe shine, soft cloth, neutral shoe polish, etc. These items vary in number and quality for each kit. Also, the cases of the kits are different and unique. As our promotional shoe shine & polish kits help your clients and employees to keep their shoe polished and shiny always, these kits also help you promote your brand name effectively! Custom imprint your brand name, logo or business message on these cases and let your brand name shine everywhere!

Get the best shoe shine & polish kit from our inventory for your business promotional gifting needs to serve your marketing campaign successfully. Also, if you would like advise on which promotional shoe shine & polish kit is best suited to meet your advertising needs or would like us to help you in designing your brand logo, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email us at right away! We will love to make your brand shine with our promotional shoe shine & polish kits.