Smartphone Accessories

Be there when they snap that perfect photo with our promotional selfie sticks and other smartphone accessories. Custom printed with the message of your choice, these fantastic products continue to rise in popularity. And now, you can use them as a promotional tool alongside your existing marketing drives. Shop for personalised mobile phone accessories here today. 

  1. Colourpouch Waterproof Smartphone Pouch ZP1012006

    Colourpouch Smartphone Pouch Orange Branded
    Colourpouch Waterproof Smartphone Pouches are made in PVC with polyester cords. Safety buckle and...

    From£1.56 Each

  2. Snaps Mini Selfie Sticks with Wrist Strap ZP1012001

    Snaps Mini Selfie Black Branded
    Snaps mini selfie stick with wrist strap has a button on the handle to allow you to easily take...

    From£2.35 Each

  3. Reflekt LED Mirror and Flashlight for Smartphones ZP1012003

    Reflekt LED Selfie Light Black Branded
    Reflekt LED Mirror and Flashlight for Smartphones can be easily used by just clipping the...

    From£2.40 Each

  4. Wire Extendable Selfie Sticks ZP1012002

    Wire extendable Selfie Stick Black Branded
    The Wire extendable selfie stick takes the perfect selfies. Extendable upto 90 cm. Does not...

    From£2.48 Each

  5. Promotional PopSockets ZP1012007

    Mobile Phone Pop Socket Full Colour
    Compatible with most phones and devices, PopSockets grips "pop" whenever you need a...

    From£3.64 each

  6. 48 Hour Express Snap Selfie Sticks ZP1012005

    Express Snap Selfie White Branded
    The Snap Selfie Stick has been specifically designed for maximising your brand and message at all...

    From£6.19 Each

  7. Prisma Smartphone Camera Lenses Sets ZP1012004

    Prisma Smartphone Camera Lens Branded
    Prisma smartphone camera lenses sets make your smartphone photography more creative with this set...

    From£7.47 Each

The perfect photo is only a click away. That's why our personalised selfie sticks are so popular. The collapsible design allows each one to be stored compactly and creates a portable mobile phone accessory. The opportunity to add your own unique branding further increases your chances of catching a potential customer's eye or impressing a scouting employee. 

We have a range of Smartphone Accessories to promote your brand whilst giving the user a really useful product.

Our branded selfie sticks can be custom printed to suit your needs. Whether your current advertising campaign has novelty humour at its heart or your brand is currently focusing on something more serious, we can help you to achieve the ideal style. Here at Zest Promotional, we help businesses to optimise on advertising efforts through the use of high-quality promotional goods. And these selfie sticks are no exception. Many of our designs can be used with phone phones and cameras - perfect for the budding photographer and his extensive kit selection. 

Have you seen our range of promotional golf umbrellas? Tailored to a specific niche, these premium accessories can also be printed with the message of your choice. If your audience spends time in these particular dwellings, these umbrellas provide an effective way to make sure everyone notices your more recent branding. 

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