Branded Speakers


  1. Ripple Speakers ZP1790026

    Ripple Main (1)
    Ripple speakers are a Expanding speaker to boost sound with an internal rechargeable battery...

    From£6.29 each

  2. Greedo Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790029

    Greedo Main
    Greedo Bluetooth® Speakers enjoy music and movies anywhere by pairing your Bluetooth®...

    From£11.91 each

  3. Seneca Wooden Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790031

    The Seneca Bluetooth® Speaker is made from real Mahogany wood and has an excellent sound...

    From£16.93 each

  4. Ball Shaped Speaker ZP1790022

    Ballas Ball Shaped stereo speaker with a matt finish with plug cable for smartphones or tablets....

    From£3.81 each

  5. Sonomob Speakers ZP1790044

    Sonomob Main
    Sonomob Speakers in ABS casing. Suitable for us with MP3 and 4, iPod®, iPad® and...

    From£4.10 each

  6. Whammo Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790025

    Whammo Speaker Main
    Whammo Bluetooth® Speakers are a compact, lightweight and portable Bluetooth® speaker that...

    From£5.73 each

  7. 3W Sound 4.2 Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790053

    3W Sound Bluetooth Speaker Black
    3W Sound 4.2 Bluetooth Speakers are aluminium 4.2 Bluetooth speaker with rechargeable Li-on 450mAh...

    From£8.12 each

  8. PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790049

    PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speaker
    PowerJam Mini Bluetooth Speakers are the perfect solution when you want a big sound from little...

    From£8.36 each

  9. Round White Speakers ZP1790039

    Round White Main
    Round White Speakers are Round Bluetooth speakers with LED 2.1 Bluetooth speaker with LED light...

    From£8.38 each

  10. Silicon Cube Speakers ZP1790047

    Silicon Main
    Silicon Cube Speakers are Bluetooth Silicon Speakers with a colour changing light working distance...

    From£8.95 each

  11. Classic Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790028

    Classic Main
    Classic Bluetooth® Speakers are a vintage looking portable wireless speaker with an internal...

    From£9.63 each

  12. Nomia Mini Bluetooth Speaker ZP1790015

    Nomia Mini Bluetooth Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 2W of output, available in 5...

    From£10.02 each

  13. Big Boom Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790043

    Big Boom Main
    Big Boom Bluetooth® Speakers are a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with rubberised finish....

    From£10.54 each

  14. Naiad Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790027

    Naiad Main
    Naiad Bluetooth® speakers are Mini Bluetooth® speakers with 10-metre range wireless connection....

    From£11.14 each

  15. Round Light Speakers ZP1790038

    Round Light Main
    Round Light Speakers are Bluetooth speaker with led light 2.1 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with rubber...

    From£13.35 each

  16. Hikari Speakers ZP1790037

    Hikari Main
    Hikari Speakers is a Double function device: 2.1 Bluetooth speaker and FM radio in ABS including...

    From£14.10 each

  17. Beat Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790008

    Beat Bluetooth Speakers feature an attractive bluetooth speaker with great sound, perfect for use...

    From£14.89 each

  18. Traction Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790030

    Traction Main
    Traction Bluetooth® Speaker has suction pads on one side which enables you to stick the speaker on...

    From£14.95 each

  19. Can Sound Speakers ZP1790036

    Can Sound Main
    Can Sound Speakers is a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker with changing LED light. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery...

    From£15.89 each

  20. iSpeak Bluetooth Speaker ZP1790020

    i-Speak Bluetooth Speaker has a large branding area suitable for stunning full colour logos and...

    From£16.24 each

  21. Power Note Wireless Powerbank Speakers ZP1790052

    Power Note Speaker Main
    Power Note Wireless Powerbank Speakers are two-coloured design wireless speaker and portable...

    From£17.07 each

  22. Kubus Bluetooth® and NFC Speakers ZP1790032

    Kubus Main
    Kubus Bluetooth® and NFC speakers are Portable square shape Bluetooth® speaker with 3W output...

    From£17.25 each

  23. PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speakers ZP1790050

    PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speaker Main
    PowerVibe Premium Bluetooth Speakers deliver a rich flawless sound quality with built in Bass...

    From£17.81 each

  24. Jazzy Light Up Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790033

    Jazzy Light up Main
    Jazzy Light Bluetooth® Speakers Illuminates your music with this Bluetooth® portable speaker...

    From£18.02 each

  25. Morley Aluminum Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790034

    Morley Main
    Morley Aluminum Bluetooth® Speaker enjoy exceptional sound with the Morley aluminum Bluetooth®...

    From£18.96 each

  26. Tatchi Speakers ZP1790040

    Tatchi Main
    Tatchi Speakers are Touch light Bluetooth speaker. Table or camping Bluetooth speaker with hands...

    From£19.98 each

  27. PowerWave 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speakers and Power Banks ZP1790051

    PowerWave Bluetooth Speaker Main
    PowerWave 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speakers and Power Banks are the perfect corporate gift due to its dual...

    From£21.44 each

  28. Selene Touch Light Up Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790035

    Selene Light Main
    Selene Touch Light up Bluetooth® Speaker features a "touch" sensitive light allowing you to change...

    From£22.03 each

  29. Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speaker ZP1790023

    Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speaker delivers great sounds quality with strong bass and 3W output....

    From£22.22 each

  30. Jingle LED light with Bluetooth® Speakers ZP1790042

    Jingle Main
    Jingle LED light with Bluetooth® Speakers are a Bluetooth 3.0 speaker with white LED light....

    From£32.57 each

Promotional Speakers Offer Value to Loyal Customers and Employees

Promotional gifts that offer value to the recipient are proven to be more effective for increasing sales than the ordinary run of the mill email or social network message. Therefore, when deciding to reach out to your loyal customers or employees, consider a gift they will find useful. Promotional speakers are a prime example.

The impact of mobile media gadgets enables us to access films, songs and TV shows almost at will. Wi-fi internet connectivity can be found practically everywhere and gives people the opportunity to tap into a wealth of entertainment wherever they are. Sound quality improves the user experience therefore giving speakers as a promotional gift will be well received by the recipient. And they will be more inclined to remain loyal.

Portable speakers people can take with them when they travel are the ultimate promotional gift. Light, small enough to pack and convenient to carry, they allow people to listen to music when they are away on holiday, family day-out or a business trip. Speakers can also be used at home to share videos and TV programs with family and friends. We have a quality range of speakers good enough for that too.

Given that iPhones and iPods are the new hi-fi´s why not reward your loyal customers and employees with speakers specifically designed to suit the popular Apple gadgets. Or how about a set of smart speakers that charge the battery of the multimedia device whilst your happy customer listens to their handheld jukebox.

Our extensive range of promotional speakers can be branded with your logo and we even have speakers that are ideal for video conferences. Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speakers include a built in MIC which can be used for handsfree conference calls.

If you are looking for a promotional gift people want, promotional speakers appeal to almost everybody, so call us today on 0800 024 8461 and speak to a member of our helpful team.

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