Promotional Tools

  1. 150mm White Oval Scale Rulers ZP1050017

    150mm White Oval Scale Rule Main
    150mm White Oval Scale Rulers are available in an Architects or Engineers versions. High...

    From£0.88 each

  2. 15 In 1 Tool Card ZP3010001

    15 in 1 Tool Card is made from stainless steel and has 15 functions including a can opener, knife,...

    From£0.93 each

  3. Mini Tool Box With Flashlight ZP3010005

    Mini Tool Box With Flashlight includes three flat head and three Philips head bits and its...

    From£1.16 each

  4. 320mm White Oval Scale Rulers ZP1050018

    320mm White Oval Scale Rule Main
    320mm White Oval Scale Rulers are available in an Architects or Engineers versions. High...

    From£1.26 each

  5. Workmate Screwdriver ZP3010003

    Workmate Screwdriver is a compact screwdriver with spirit level, an LED light and a Philips and...

    From£1.27 each

  6. Pen Shaped Screwdriver Set ZP3010002

    Pen Shaped Screwdriver Set has a clip for easy storage, a turn on/off light at the bottom and 3...

    From£2.51 each

  7. Multi Tool Keyring ZP3010004

    Multi Tool Keyring is a compact 7 function tool with a bright LED light made from Aluminium. Your...

    From£3.33 each

  8. 19 Pcs Tool Set ZP3010013

    19 Pcs Tool Set is small and foldable with a carabiner for easy storage. The set contains: 4 x...

    From£4.66 each

Make your business shine with personalised tools!

Compact and lightweight tools are usually preferred by businesses for building brand visibility. People love to receive promotional tools as promotional business gifts which they can use frequently. The presence of practical tools makes repairing broken things so much easier. By gifting clients and consumers such practical promotional products, businesses always end up building a strong brand image for their products and services.

We produce sophisticated and functional promotional tools in various shapes and sizes. No matter what your business budget may be, our wide range of branded tools is available at reasonable prices to suit all kinds of promotional budgets. These tools have been designed for easy portability and easy storage. A case in point is our 19 Pcs Tool Set that can be folded up and easily carried around with the help of a karabiner. Similarly, our 15 in 1 Tool Card and Fit Together Multi Functional Tool Kit is a pocket- sized tool set that comes in a well organised, sturdy pouch. Besides the usual screwdriver sets that come with an assortment of head bits, we also have screwdrivers that come attached with powerful LED lights so that users can use them in dark areas as well.

Get in touch with our team for more details. Our team of designers are experts at customising branded tools with your logo and business name using high tech means to ensure that your promotional message and other business details are reproduced with greater accuracy and detail! Made from high quality materials, our printed tools are hardy and durable promotional products that will withstand regular physical wear and tear for many years to come, making them ideal for gifting!

Call us now for printing your name and logo on our wide array of printed tools! Promote your business with our range of well made and innovative promotional tool sets. For more information on our products and services, call our sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email us at!

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