Promotional Touch Screen Gloves

  1. Actium Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655004

    Actium Touch Screen Gloves are made from acrylic with conductive touch screen on 3 finger tips...

    From£2.11 each

  2. Bespoke Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655006

    Smart Gloves With woven label
    Bespoke Touch Screen Gloves allow the wearer to use touchscreen technology at the same time as...

    From£2.21 each

  3. Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves. ZP1655010

    Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves are acrylic touch screen gloves with a Anti-Slip Material. The...

    From£2.21 each

  4. Tacto Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655009

    Tacto Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Tacto Touch Screen Gloves are tactile gloves for smartphone in acrylic The 3 tactile...

    From£1.53 each

  5. Pigun Childrens Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655007

    Pigun Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Pigun Childrens Touch Screen Gloves are made from acrylic with conductive touch screen on 2 finger...

    From£1.76 each

  6. Tellar Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655008

    Tellar Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Tellar Touch Screen Gloves are made from acrylic with conductive touch screen on all finger tips...

    From£2.15 each

Build long lasting brand exposure with promotional touch screen gloves!

Business houses looking for the right promotional business gift can consider using promotional touch screen gloves to create brand awareness and generate prospective leads. Available in different types and for various uses, gloves are used on a daily basis by people. They are useful everyday items that with come in handy for people of all ages. People use gloves when it gets too cold or when they want to touch something that is very hot. Touch screen gloves, on the other hand, are today's new age gloves because they allow you to use your touch screen devices. They are not only designed to protect your hands while using your touch screen smartphones and tablets during the freezing cold weather but they also look good on your hands as well!

To assist you in your promotional campaigns, our company offers cost effective but top quality branded touch screen gloves. Available in wide variety of styles, sizes and colours, our carefully handpicked collection of personalised touch screen gloves are highly strong and tough as well as multifunctional. Made from high quality raw materials including acrylic, these gloves are a stylish way of keeping your hands warm while using your smartphones , tablets and other touch-screen devices during the cold winter months!

In comparison to ordinary gloves that do not work on touch screen devices and you are required to remove your gloves and risk freezing your hands, our Touch Screen gloves are constructed with a special coating which allows them to be used on a wide variety of touch screen gadgets ranging from smartphones like iPhones to tablets like iPads and music players like iPods in cold weather. Available in 2 sizes, small and medium, they provide your hands with a warm and snug fit and feel.

Consisting of 30% stainless steel fibre, the 3 tactile extremities of the Tacto Touch Screen Gloves fingers design allows you to use your touch screen gadgets even in the coldest of climates. Available in blue, black or red, you can have your corporate logo embroidered using a maximum of eight colours on both of these gloves depending on your business gifting needs.

Another noteworthy business promotional gift is Smart Gloves which boast of touch screen responsive tips because of the presence of conductive fibre in the finger tips. Available in elegant black, these gloves support all kinds of touch screen devices!

Using the best imprinting techniques including embroidery, our team of logo designers can customise these gloves with your logo and company name or business message so that they are changed into useful advertising tools. Your promotional message can be embroidered onto the front or back of each gloves ensuring that your brand is visible to everyone while the gloves are worn by your customers, clients and employees.

For help and suggestion on our printed touch screen gloves and to know more about the different branding options available, contact our sales team now! Get in touch with us at or call us at 0800 024 8461 for additional details.

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