Promotional Touch Screen Gloves

Keep blue fingers at bay with our promotional touchscreen gloves. Ideal for Winter marketing drives, these smartphone gloves can be branded with the message of your choice. Make sure they can continue to tweet, text and scroll while thanking your company for the practical warmth. Shop for Android and iPhone compatible options here.

  1. Bespoke Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655006

    Smart Gloves With woven label
    Bespoke Touch Screen Gloves allow the wearer to use touchscreen technology at the same time as...

    From£2.21 each

  2. Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves. ZP1655010

    Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Anti-Slip Touch Screen Gloves are acrylic touch screen gloves with a Anti-Slip Material. The...

    From£2.21 each

  3. Actium Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655004

    Actium Touch Screen Gloves are made from acrylic with conductive touch screen on 3 finger tips...


  4. Tellar Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655008

    Tellar Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Tellar Touch Screen Gloves are made from acrylic with conductive touch screen on all finger tips...


  5. Pigun Childrens Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655007

    Pigun Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Pigun Childrens Touch Screen Gloves are made from acrylic with conductive touch screen on 2 finger...


  6. Gloves For Capacitive Screens. ZP1655011

    Promotional Gloves For Capacitive Screens with a Logo
    Gloves For Capacitive Screens. Pair of gloves with three tips (thumb, index finger and...

    From£1.53 Each

  7. Tacto Touch Screen Gloves ZP1655009

    Tacto Touch Screen Gloves Main
    Tacto Touch Screen Gloves are tactile gloves for smartphone in acrylic The 3 tactile extremities...

    From£2.31 each

As the weather begins to turn, a toasty pair of gloves becomes a staple requirement. So, why not take advantage of this with our promotional touchscreen gloves? Unique and practical, these branded phone accessories have a universal appeal. No matter the age or demographic of your audience, they provide an opportunity to expose your branding to a wider community. 

Smartphone gloves continue to be a firm favourite and now you can custom design the ideal pair for your business. Suitable for use with most smartphones and tablets, these touch screen gloves feature contrasting coloured fingers. Threads of wire woven into the design allows every user to continue using their phone, long after the frost has set. We can add either a printed or embroidered message on to each glove. So, the choice is up to you whether you have your company's logo, a recent advertising campaign message or your organisation's ethos displayed for all to see. 

Gloves aren't the only way you can effectively promote your business. Our collection of promotional scarves and gloves are also on hand to make conference goodie bags even more exciting. Both employees and potential customers are sure to appreciate the effort and consideration you've made with every promotional gift. 

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