Promotional Travel Adapters

Stay at the front of their mind, no matter where they are, with our promotional travel adaptors. Perfect for any adventure, these universal travel plugs can be personalised with your unique message. Let them plug in anywhere in the world while remembering that your company will be right there when they get home.

  1. UNI 3 VE Dual USB Travel Adapters ZP2770026

    UNI 3 Veho
    UNI 3 VE Dual USB Travel Adapters are Universal Travel Adapters Plugs with 2 USB Ports....

    From£11.23 Each

  2. Atlas Travel Adapters ZP2770025

    Atlas Travel Adapters Colours
    Atlas Travel Adapters are a colourful world travel adapter with one USB port. > Compatible with...


  3. The World USB Travel Adapters ZP2770022

    The World Branded Travel Adapter
    The World USB Travel Adapters charges 2 USB devices at the same time with our new high quality USB...

    From£6.32 each

  4. Universal Travel Adapters ZP2770024

    Universal Travel Adapters Branded
    Universal Travel Adapters can be used in over 150 countries. This unique, user friendly,...

    From£7.92 each

  5. One World USB Travel Adapters ZP2770004

    One World USB Travel Adapters operate in over 150 countries and is ideal for charging laptops,...

    From£8.69 each

  6. S-Kross Pro Light World ZP2770020

    When travelling abroad, tablets, hairdryers and cameras often take a break themselves –...

    From£12.71 each

  7. veho Uni Travel Adapters ZP2770023

    veho Uni Travel Adapters Branded 1
    veho Uni Travel Adapters is a Executive Travel Adapter with 4 USB ports. Suitable for use in...

    From£13.24 each

  8. S-Kross Pro World Adapters ZP2770011

    S-Kross Pro World Adapters
    The SKROSS® PRO World is the one travel adapter for the whole world; the most safe and compact...

    From£14.42 each

  9. Mondial Travel Adapter PLUS ZP2770030

    Mondial Travel Adaptor
    Mondial Travel Adapter PLUS is the latest BS8546 approved Travel Adapter in our range, this...

    From£17.95 Each

  10. S-Kross Pro Light World USB ZP2770021

    The unique, compact 3-pole adapter can be used in over 200 countries on all continents to connect...

    From£19.57 each

  11. S-Kross Pro World & USB Adapters ZP2770010

    S-Kross Pro World & USB Adapters marketing
    The most powerful world travel adapter for travellers from all over the world. The compact 3-pole...

    From£20.99 each

  12. Travel Adapter Wireless Powerbank ZP2770027

    Unique design travel adapter that allows you to charge wherever you go in the world. Simply plug...

    From£27.80 Each

Our collection of personalised travel adaptors take your business with them wherever they go. Further improving your chances of brand recognition, this form of advertising can only have beneficial results for your business. As a promotional product, they work to support your marketing drive while promising to bring joy to every customer or employee. 

Travel plugs are an essential resource when travelling abroad - everyone knows that. But the brilliant thing about these branded charging products is they can be personalised with your unique message. This means that your business is put at the front of your customer's minds on every single glance. And, by connecting your company with the high quality of these printed or engraved devices, helps to improve your perceived brand positioning. We have a selection of universal travel adapters, fused plugs and those suitable for worldwide use. From conferences to industry fairs, we'll make sure your name gets out there in the best possible way. 

Our collection of branded corporate gifts promises to support your needs. At Zest Promotional, we strive to find you the best quality products at the most affordable prices. No matter your budget, we'll support you on finding the printed charging product to suit. 

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