Promotional USB Car Chargers

  1. Car Charger with USB ZP2725003

    Car Charger With USB Port is a plastic car power adapter with one USB port which plugs into the...

    From£0.94 each

  2. Lance Car Chargers ZP2725010

    Lance Main
    Lance Car Chargers are USB car charger in ABS with 2 hubs. With 2 USB ports. Suitable for...

    From£1.68 each

  3. Hubstick USB Car Chargers ZP2725012

    Hubstick Main
    Hubstick USB Car Chargers are USB car charger in ABS with a 3 USB hub. With 3 2.0 USB ports. Can...

    From£3.86 each

  4. Car Power Adapters with smash-and-grab raider ZP2725007

    Car Power Main
    Car Power Adapters with smash-and-grab raider  to be used to break the glass of the car door...

    From£3.98 each

  5. Metallic USB Car Chargers ZP2725005

    Metallic USB Car Chargers are ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, iPods, MP3 players, charged...

    From£6.28 each

  6. Plastic and Aluminium Car Power Adapters with smash-and-grab raider ZP2725008

    Plastic and Aluminium Main
    Plastic and Aluminium Car Power Adapters with smash-and-grab raider, to be used to break the glass...

    From£7.06 each

Market your business with USB car chargers with logo and brand name custom imprinted on them for some powerful results!

To cater to the different taste and needs of customers, the market is flooded with a variety of promotional business gifts ranging from the practical to the quirky. But all in all, promotional gifts that offer help and usefulness to gift recipients on a daily basis are known to make the best personalised business gifts. If you wish to develop a high perception value for your company then take a look at our range of top quality promotional USB car chargers instead of regular business gifts.

Our branded USB car chargers are designed to provide you with years of marketing opportunity and have been crafted to withstand physical wear and tear. Featuring LED indicators that light up when connected to a power source, you can take your pick from car chargers made of plastic to stylish chargers that come with anodised metal trim designs.

Offered by us in an assortment of colour options such as black, white, blue and red, our USB car chargers with logo and company name printed on them go well with most electrical devices ranging from tablets to mobile phones! Easy to use and carry, our printed USB car chargers can be plugged into any car’s cigarette lighter jack and instantly turn into a charging device for iPods, MP3 players and varied branded mobile devices and tablets. Offered with one or two ports, all of our promotional USB car chargers offer the highest safety standards with most of them being RoHS, CE and FCC compliant. In addition, while some are designed with fuse for added protection, others sport an intelligent short circuit protection feature that offers protection to electrical gadgets from potential damage during recharging.

To help you to get the maximum exposure from our corporate logo gifts, we have an experienced team of branding experts who can carry out all kinds of personalisation work for you including pad printing. Get in touch with our logo designers to get your promotional gifts personalised in the most attractive manner. We also supply some of these promotional gifts in attractive polybags so that your gift stands out and exudes a sense of class and sophistication.

For help and guidance on selecting the right branded USB car chargers, take the help of our informative Zest Promotional sales team today! You can get in touch with the members of our sales team by calling us at 0800 024 8461 or emailing us at

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