Promotional USB Hubs

Find high-quality promotional USB hubs here at Zest Promotional today. From 4 port designs through to dual USB connectors, we have a wide selection of different options to choose from. Find printed PC accessories to help boost your brand's marketing focus and run the most successful promotional giveaways possible. 

  1. 4 Port USB Travel Hubs ZP1760009

    4 Port USB Travel USB Yellow Branded
    4 Port USB Travel Hubs is a 4 port rectangular USB hub. Foldable input port. HIPS plastic. Compact...

    From£1.52 Each

  2. Spin-it Widget USB Hubs ZP1760011

    Spin-It Widget USB Hub Blue Branded
    Spin-it Widget USB Hubs are a 3-port compact USB 2.0 Hub. Features as a Spin-It Widgetâ„¢. Perfect...

    From£1.67 Each

  3. Round 4-port USB Hubs ZP1760010

    Round 4 Port USB Hub Black Branded
    4 port round USB hubs with input port inserted inside. Packed in a joined bubble bag. Available in...

    From£1.99 Each

  4. Revere 3-port USB hubs with 3-in-1 cable ZP1760012

    Revere 3 Port Hub Red Branded
    Revere 3-port USB hubs with 3-in-1 cable are 3-port compact USB 2.0 hub featuring a detachable...

    From£2.66 Each

  5. Hopper 3-in-1 USB Hub and Phone Stands ZP1760007

    Hopper USB Hub Main
    Hopper 3-in-1 USB Hubs and Phone Stands are 3 port USB 2.0 hubs, compatible with any USB port. It...

    From£3.09 Each

  6. Shine 4-in-1 USB Desk Hubs ZP1760013

    Shine 4 USB Hub Light White Branded
    Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hubs are a 4 port USB 2.0 hub which doubles up as a desk tidy for your pens,...

    From£3.32 Each

  7. Turtle Hub ZP1760008

    White Turtle Shaped 4 Port USB Hub with folding legs. USB 2.0 connection. Can be printed in Full...

    From£3.40 Each

Personalised USB Hubs give your business the opportunity to stay right in front of potential customers. Fitting in with modern life, these branded PC accessories can effectively help to improve your brand's publicity and recognition. They are the ideal addition to conference goodie bags or for promoting your company at industry fairs. Whatever your needs, Zest Promotional can help you create a successful branded USB for your needs. 

Your personalised message or logo can be printed on to the body of any of our USB hubs. Whether you're looking to impress your target audience with dual USB connectors or have a specific need for a 4 port device, we have everything you need right here. Opt for 4GB, 8GB or 16GB hubs and impress everyone with your company's innovative designs. As a useful accessory, they promise to become a well-used resource and one that constantly stands as a reminder of your brand message. 

We have a wide collection of products best suited to promotional giveaways. Our tailored approach ensures that every promotional product on our website can be branded to suit your individual requirements. So, if you're looking to improve brand recognition or have a specific marketing campaign to support, we can help. 

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