USB Pens from Zest Promotional

Find our range of promotional USB pen's online here at Zest Promotional. Suitable for giveaways or simply rewarding employees, you'll find pens with USB drives attached. They can be engraved or branded to suit your needs and are a highly popular choice. Impress photographers and potential customers alike while boosting your marketing efforts. 

  1. USB Stylus Touch Ball Pens Sivart 8GB ZP1740112

    Sivart 8GB USB Stylus Pen Pink Branded
    USB Stylus Touch Ball Pens Sivart 8GB is a brighly coloured ballpoint pen with touch screen...


  2. USB TouchPen Pens ZP1740114

    USB Touch Pen Blue Branded
    Black ink Touchscreen pen with polished metal accents, twist mechanisms and top quality rubber...

    From£4.35 each

  3. USB Pen ballpoint Pens ZP1740113

    USB Pen Ballpoint Black
    Black ink ballpoint pen with polished metal accents and twist mechanisms. Under the removable rear...

    From£4.36 each

  4. Metal USB 4GB Pens ZP1740110

    Metal USB Pen Engraved
    A metal ball pen with integrated USB 2.0 flash drive. flash drive is positioned in the top of the...

    From£8.31 each

  5. Powerbank Ball Pen 550mAh & 4GB USB ZP1740111

    Powerbank Ball Pen USB White Branded
    Powerbank Ball Pen 550mAh & 4GB USB is a powerbank, stylus, ball pen and USB flash drive in one....

    From£12.97 each

The perfect promotional USB pen will help them move files, protect information and remember your brand every step of the way. For businesses with a target audience who are obsessed with technology, they are a brilliant way of staying at the very forefront of their minds. Our online store features a selection of different styles, each of which can be individually branded. Opt for your signature logo, company message or current advertising quote - whatever works best for your business. 

Personalised USB sticks with presentation boxes provide a premium feeling your customers will love. They can be engraved to provide long-lasting details. Many of our pens with USB promotional messages come with keychain attachment for convenience. And, we stock a selection of different memory sizes including 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB options. So, no matter your employee or target audience preferences, you know they'll impress. 

A firm favourite with photographers, USB pens have a convenience that everyone will enjoy. If you're looking for a stylish alternative, consider our promotional metal pens. These simplistic stationary options fit in with modern life and keep your brand in view at all times. Let our team at Zest Promotional help you find a promotional product that works best for your needs. 

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