Promotional Windproof & Stormproof Umbrellas

  1. Fibrestorm Value Golf Umbrellas ZP2650032

    Fibrestorm Value Umbrella Main
    Fibrestorm Value Golf Umbrellas are strong and lightweight low cost fibreglass golf size...

    From£7.07 each

  2. StormSport UK Golf Umbrellas ZP2650033

    StormSport Umbrella Main
    StormSport UK Golf Umbrellas are high quality fibreglass golf size umbrellas with an unbelievable...

    From£12.00 each

  3. Fibrestorm UK Made Stormproof Golf Umbrellas ZP2650031

    Fibrestorm Umbrella Main
    Fibrestorm UK Made Stormproof Golf Umbrellas are consistently reliable fibreglass golf size...

    From£13.04 each

  4. Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrellas ZP2650034

    Spectrum Sport Umbrella Main
    Spectrum Sport Golf Umbrellas are the ultimate promotional umbrellas with unparalleled...

    From£13.39 each

  5. Fibrestorm Auto Open Golf Umbrellas ZP2650036

    Fibrestorm Umbrella Auto Main
    Fibrestorm Auto Open Golf Umbrellas are top quality golf size automatic umbrellas....

    From£14.78 each

  6. Spectrum Sport Double Canopy Golf Umbrellas ZP2650035

    Spectrum Sport Double Canopy Umbrella Main
    Spectrum Sport Double Canopy Golf Umbrellas have a strong and reliable Spectrum frame with a...

    From£18.94 each

Branded windproof umbrellas make exceptional promotional corporate gifts!

Umbrellas are used on rainy days to keep you dry, or on hot sunny days to protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, more often than not, rainy days are accompanied with gusty winds that can turn the umbrella inside out. With powerful winds, the umbrella can even break, leaving you drenched and unhappy! Nowadays, windproof umbrellas are replacing conventional umbrellas as they tend to last much longer than regular umbrellas because of their durability and wind resistance. There are a wide variety of windproof umbrellas available in the market and depending on your needs you can get them in the colour, style and size of your choice.

Businesses can benefit immensely from using promotional windproof umbrellas for marketing and branding their company, services or products. Both big and small businesses give away stormproof umbrellas as business promotional gifts because they are considered to be the most effective tools in branding and advertising exercises. Windproof umbrellas that have been personalised with your business name and logo can be used on a daily basis for protection against the rain and sun. Being extremely handy and versatile, they are used and needed by people of all ages. A person can clearly see an open umbrella and read the promotional message printed on it, making it great for promotional purposes!

Our company offers the most comprehensive range of windproof umbrellas with logo which make excellent value for money promotional gifts! Our many different types, shapes and sizes of windproof umbrellas can have many uses. They can be used for personal purposes or be used on a golf course as well. To suit varied promotional needs, our windproof umbrellas come in a variety of popular sizes including standard to large 86cm golf umbrellas. These can be manually opened, or feature an automatic opening system.

For businesses with limited finances, we provide budget friendly stormproof umbrellas made from strong and durable polypongee and fibreglass materials. Available in an assortment of popular colours and sporting a strong rib and shaft construction, take a look at our wide range of vented or windproof golf umbrellas to pick the one you like the best. Along with a wind and water resistant canopy, their rubber handles make them ideal for all kinds of windy situations.

Designed to cater to the specific needs of women, our exclusive range of Sheffield Sports Ladies Golf Umbrellas are our most sought-after stormproof umbrellas with logo designs on them. Slightly smaller in size than a regular golf umbrella, this line of windproof umbrellas features a 63cm long fibreglass rib construction that allows it to bend during windy conditions. The movability and usefulness of our diminutive and compact sized golf umbrellas makes them ever-popular customer gift options for your female customers. According to your marketing requirements, you can have the canopy and handles in the colour and style of your choosing.

Another of our popular windproof umbrellas worth mentioning is our signature collection of Sheffield Sports Double Canopy Golf Umbrellas which feature a second canopy on the inside for added durability and colour contrasting opportunities! The double canopy allows for additional customisation on the inside of the panels. Like many windproof umbrellas from leading brands, the regular vented or windproof golf umbrellas from the Sheffield Sports range are constructed to allow air to pass through the canopy, making it stronger and sturdier in all weather conditions.

Our ProBrella golf umbrellas are equally popular among our corporate customers. Take a look at our collection of ProBrella Classic Golf Umbrellas and ProBrella Fibreglass Vented Golf Umbrellas, which are our premium promotional business gifts. While the material used in the rib construction of the Classic line of ProBrella golf umbrellas is solid steel, the latter makes use of lightweight fibreglass in its rib construction, ensuring that all the golf umbrellas from this reputed brand provide exceptional strength and durability in all kinds of stormy weather conditions.

With years of experience and knowledge in all kinds of customisation work, our team of designers can personalise these umbrellas with your logo and brand name to maximize your brand visibility. Your customers and clients will be delighted to receive such considerate business promotional gifts with the name and logo of your company prominently printed on these promotional stormproof umbrellas, which will also ensure that your business details are seen by many bystanders.

Get in touch with us now to add your company name and corporate logo on our different and diverse range of branded stormproof umbrellas! For more information on our collection of umbrellas, get in touch with our sales team by calling us at 0800 024 8461 or emailing us at today!

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