Promotional Winter Products

  1. Snap Ice Scrapers & Tyre Tread Gauge ZP2720004

    Snap Ice Scrapers & Tyre Tread Gauge offer the practical multi use of scraping ice off car...

    From£0.24 each

  2. Hudson Deluxe Plastic Ice Scrapers ZP2720007

    Hudson Deluxe Plastic Ice Scrapers are made from a quality plastic and have a smooth sleek design...

    From£0.81 each

  3. Grippa Ice Scrapers ZP2720021

    Grippa Ice Scrapers Main
    Grippa Ice Scrapers with comfortable handle because of the soft nylon material. Printing on...

    From£1.17 each

  4. Childrens Safety Vests ZP3075002

    Childrens Safety Vests are EN1150 compliant and are ideal for making sure that your children are...

    From£2.47 each

  5. Irwin Melange Hats ZP4910001

    ZP4910001-Irwin-Melange-Hats jpg
    Irwin Melange Hats are made from acrylic and are in the beanie style ideal for those winter...

    From£2.76 each

  6. Safety Vest ZP3075007

    Safety Vests which are EN 471 compliant and available in yellow are the ideal promotional gift to...

    From£3.33 each

  7. Safety Vest In Pouch ZP3075003

    Safety Vest In Pouch is EN471 compliant ensuring visibility in traffic and in the winter months....

    From£3.46 each

  8. Thermal Travel Mugs Full Colour ZP0400003

    Thermal Travel Mugs Full Colour with a non spill lid are the ideal promotional travel mug....

    From£4.01 each

  9. Storm Golf Umbrellas ZP2650043

    Storm Golf Umbrella Main
    Storm Golf Umbrellas with fibreglass shaft and metal ribs. 30'' EVA handle....

    From£6.64 each

  10. Auto Opening Vented Golf Umbrellas ZP2650012

    Auto Opening Vented Golf Umbrellas with vents which allow the wind to blow through to prevent the...

    From£12.65 each

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