Wireless Chargers

Staying in touch has never been more important and our promotional wireless chargers help your customers do just that. Suitable for iPhone and Android, these branded powerbanks are easily personalised with your company message. Find wireless charging pads and devices suitable for QI technology in our online collection today. 

  1. Freal Wireless Charging Pads ZP1637001

    Radik Wireless Charger Main
    The Wireless Charging Pads allows you to charge your smartphone without charging cables. Supports...

    From£2.59 Each

  2. Wireless 5W Charging Pads ZP1637004

    Wireless Charging Pads Branded
    Wireless 5W Charging Pads are the new way to charge your phone. Place your compatible...

    From£3.35 Each

  3. 5W Wireless Charging Pads ZP1637011

    5W Wireless Charging Pad Red
    5W Wireless Charging Pads to charge all wireless devices. With silicon ring that prevents your...

    From£3.55 Each

  4. Express Mirage Wireless Chargers ZP1637010

    Mirage Wireless Charger Branded
    Express Mirage Wireless Chargers are a superb value for money wireless charger suitable for...

    From£4.07 Each

  5. Unipad 1.0A Wireless Charger ZP1637006

    Unipad Wireless Charger White Branded
    Unipad 1.0A Wireless Chargers are charging pad with 2 port 2.0 hubs. Made out of ABS material. USB...

    From£4.79 Each

  6. Wireless 5W Charging Pads ZP1632098

    Wireless Charger Main
    Wireless 5W Charging Pads connect to the USB port of your computer to create a wireless charging...

    From£6.11 Each

  7. Wireless Charger Hubs ZP1637002

    Crystal Wireless Charger 1
    Charging your Android and IOS phone is easier than ever with these Wireless Charger Hubs....

    From£8.49 Each

  8. Rundo Bamboo Wireless Chargers ZP1637008

    Rondo Bamboo Wireless Charger Branded
    Rundo Bamboo Wireless Chargers are Wireless charger in bamboo. Place smartphone on it to begin...

    From£9.04 Each

  9. Light up Logo Wireless Chargers ZP1637013

    Light Up Logo Wireless Charger Branded
    Light up Logo Wireless Chargers charge your mobile devices without connecting a cable. Just place...

    From£11.12 Each

  10. Wireless 10W Fast Charging Pad ZP1637012

    Wireless 10W Fast Charging Pad Grey Branded
    Wireless 10W Fast Charging Pads charge your mobile devices without connecting a cable. Just place...

    From£13.40 Each

  11. Crystal 5000mAh Powerbank Wireless Chargers ZP1637003

    Crystal Wireless Charger 1
    Charging your Android and IOS phone is easier than ever with the Crystal 5000mAh Powerbank...

    From£15.33 Each

  12. Wireless Charging Stands ZP1637007

    Wireless Stand Charger White Branded
    Wireless Charging Stands are double coil wireless charger for 1 device in ABS. Rubber finish....

    From£16.55 Each

  13. Laus Light In Car Wireless Chargers ZP1637009

    Laus Light In Car Wireless Charger LED Branded
    Laus Light In Car Wireless Chargers are car wireless charger mount with light up logo. Connect...

    From£18.44 Each

  14. Wireless Charger Mouse Mats ZP1637005

    Wireless Charger Mouse Branded
    Wireless Charger Mouse Mats are made from high quality and soft feel PU black imitation leather....

    From£19.67 Each

  15. 8,000 mAh Light Up Logo Wireless Powerbank ZP1637014

    8000mAh Wireless Powerbank Logo
    Flat And Durable Powerbank With 8,000 mAh lithium polymer battery. The wireless ABS...

    From£27.60 Each

Keep batteries fully powered at all times with our collection of promotional wireless chargers. As players in the modern world, we all understand the appeal of constant battery power. Whether chatting on the phone or clicking away at a laptop, dead batteries put an end to digital communications. That's why our promotional chargers offer convenience along with an effective marketing platform for your business. 

Take a look through our online store today to seek out the most suitable branded chargers for your needs. We have wireless charging pads that simply require the chosen device to be placed on top of them. These sit alongside promotional powerbanks that are suitable for both iPhone and Android mobile phones, that are compatible with Qi technology. Guaranteed to be much appreciated and used, these personalised chargers appeal to all ages. Each one can be printed with your unique message or logo, boosting your company's existing advertising efforts. 

Our promotional products don't stop here. We also have a selection of branded travel sets. If your audience finds themselves jetting across the world, these personalised items will ensure your brand always travels with them. And, it increases the chance of brand recognition, no matter where they settle. 


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