Wooden USBs for Branded UK Items

Embrace rustic style and choose wooden USB sticks for your promotional needs. Stay eco-friendly while helping to promote your brand's individual message. Each one is engraved and available to order in bulk; perfect for large-scale promotional activity. Find wooden USB drives online here at Zest Promotional and improve your brand awareness today. 

  1. Bamboo 3 USB Flash Drives ZP1740101

    Bamboo 3 USB Flash Drive
    Put your brand in your customer’s pocket. Environmentally friendly tablet Bamboo USB...

    From£2.25 each

  2. Bamboo USB Flash Drives ZP1740100

    Bamboo USB Flash Drive
    Environmentally friendly, rectangular Bamboo FlashDrive. Bamboo is fast-growing and indigenous to...

    From£2.30 each

  3. Wood USB Flash Drives ZP1740005

    Wood USB Flash Drives
    Wood USB Flash Drives are environmentally friendly and made from wood which comes from managed...

    From£2.51 each

  4. Wood 2 USB Flash Drives ZP1740006

    Wood 2 USB Flash Drives
    Wood 2 USB Flash Drives are environmentally friendly and made from wood which comes from managed...

    From£2.73 each

  5. Wood Twister USB Flash Drives ZP1740007

    Wood Twister USB Flash Drives
    Wood Twister USB Flash Drives are capsule shaped, environmentally friendly wooden flash drives...

    From£2.95 each

Our wooden USB sticks have a premium quality to them and one that can be felt instantly. Manufactured using the finest materials, each style can be effectively engraved with your branded message or logo. When used in line with advertising drives, they help to improve brand recognition and ensure every potential customer is exposed to your specific message. 

Suitable for all different needs, our selection of personalised encrypted USB sticks best suit conference or industry fair needs. They are available for bulk order and come at the most affordable price to ensure you generate a good return on investment every single time. Each design features a keychain attachment, allowing users to keep them on their person and reducing the risk of loss. And, we have a wide range of different memory sizes to choose from including 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. There also continues to be a rise in promotional USB sticks for photographers as these products offer a compact and effective way of ensuring every customer knows your name. 

Alongside these, we have a range of alternative branded eco-friendly products to fit in with your company beliefs. Stay conscious of your impact on our planet while still working hard to boost your brand's impact and recognisability every single day. 

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