Promotional WoW Mugs

  1. Durham WoW Mugs ZP0022265

    Durham Promotional WOW Mugs
    Durham Wow Mugs are full colour printed mugs with a heat sensitive coating. When hot liquid is...

    From£3.10 Each

  2. Small Latte WoW Mugs ZP0022263

    Small Latte Promotional WOW Mugs
    Stylish latte shape mug with a heat sensitive coating which becomes transparent once hot water is...

    From£3.79 Each

Add A Magical Effect To Your Brand’s Marketing Campaign With Our Promotional Wow Mugs

If you are bored with conventional business promotional gifts and are looking for an innovative promotional gift for your business clients and customers, you can take a look at our list of promotional and unique WoW Mugs. As the name suggests, these mugs really exude a ‘WoW’ feature that will mesmerizes your clients and customers, serving as an effective and successful brand marketing tool for your company.

WoW Mugs are clever and unique because of their magical effect. These mugs are designed with a heat sensitive coating on the top of the customization done on the outer surface of these ceramic mugs. Whenever any hot liquid is poured inside this mug, the heat sensitive layer becomes transparent and reveals the printed image of your company which is imprinted underneath! This magical effect automatically enhances your brand’s logo and image making these promotional mugs more stunning and appealing among your clients and customers.

As the liquid inside the mug cools down, the brightness of the brand image gradually winds down and finally disappears, restoring its original colour and making this WoW Mug an entertaining as well as functional daily use promotional gift for your clients and customers. These mugs will certainly become one of the favourite gifts your business associates have ever received as corporate gifts, and every time they enjoy a sip of their preferred drink from this mug, they will remember your company, reinforcing your brand name in their mind.

Go through our collection of promotional WoW Mugs and give an eye-catching and magical effect to your brand’s marketing campaign with these unique mugs! If you would like us to suggest a promotional mug that suits your marketing needs or would like to help in designing your artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email us at today! We will be happy to help you give a magical tough to your business’s promotional needs with these magical WoW Mugs.

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