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Rab: Branded Clothing & Accessories

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Discover a world of elite performance, adventure, style and quality through this Rab collection. This Rab range of clothing & accessories offers everything you need to keep the cold at bay. Customised premium products at great prices, this collection gives you an easy way to give customers or staff quality items that are perfect for the outdoors. Rab is a true specialist when it comes to outdoor wearing apparel and adventure equipment so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to win additional business by adding promotional Rab clothing to your marketing giveaway mix.

About Rab

Rab, which set up its first UK shop in 1985, has gone from strength to strength since. Today their products are distributed through a network of independent and specialist outdoor shops, outdoor equipment retailers and online businesses. They are also known as one of the strongest outdoor apparel brands due to the quality of camping gear such as sleeping bags, rucksacks, vests and jackets which are suitable for the harshest of climates and high-altitude hikes. Rab’s success is due to strong product development, designs and high-quality materials to generate long-lasting outdoor gear.

Its origins started in the 1980s and were founded by climber Rab Carrington. Rab is one of the UK’s best-known brands and prides itself on being made by climbers for climbers. With a vast selection of down jackets, sleeping bags, and two ranges of waterproof clothing and accessories including hats, gloves and balaclavas, the brand provides some of the best performance gear around.

Sprouting from a passion for climbing, Rab has always been a company driven by its customers. The founder, Rab Carrington, designed a range of performance mountaineering sleeping bags and down jackets in the 1980s to cater for his fellow climbers. This close connection with the people who use the kit led Rab to include polarised opinions from teams and athletes as part of their design process ever since.

Rab’s innovative design and pursuit of excellence have seen them create some of the finest products on the market, cutting-edge fabrics and excellent functionality. You will struggle to find outdoor apparel of this quality anywhere else. Rab clothing and accessories are designed to help you perform at your best when you’re out and about. Every day demands something different, whether it’s a quick trip with friends or an epic alpine expedition. Their customisable and branded gear is versatile so that your customers or employees can use it for occasions all year round.

Why Choose Rab Products?

Rab makes high-performance mountain clothing and equipment that give you absolute protection, comfort and freedom on any route. Our customised Rab products are a great option for premium gifts to employees, customers or new prospects due to the recognisable and trusted name. Rab bags and outdoor clothing are products that last a lifetime to ensure these gifts will be used for many years to come. At Zest Promotional, we can customise Rab products in different colours and sizes and with personalisation touches such as with your logo/branding to ensure it looks and feels like your own. There are also options with the placement or how the logo is added on Rab products through either embroidery, screen or transfer print and digital transfer. We’re certain that if you want to impress your clients, then these products will make them feel important.

When it comes to why people choose customisable Rab products, here are some of the key reasons:

  • Trendy: If you love outdoor gear for walking or hiking, then you will have seen the Rab brand. Rab is well-known in the marketplace for their slick designs matched with their practical product applications. These Rab branded products will get a lot of use by your customers which means more brand visibility and eyes on your logo!
  • Robust: Rab doesn’t compromise on any part of their products, and they go through extensive product testing. For instance, any zips, handles, pockets and other features on Rab travel bags are all of the highest quality to ensure that these products work (even if they travel the world!). Rab’s brand promises show how committed they are to sustainable and long-lasting products.
  • Built for everyday use: Rab products can be utilised for workouts, sports, adventures or just in your everyday life for commuting about. Whether you’re looking to hit the slopes on your way up the mountain or need a coat to keep you warm through the day, Rab’s outdoor products are multi-purpose.
  • Trusted products: Rab has thousands upon thousands of happy customers every year due to their dependable products. From cyclists to hikers to travel junkies, their outdoor range has become a trusted choice for many of these passionate people. The attention to detail is what makes sure the clothing range gives you absolute protection from all kinds of weather and any product is only made from the most durable materials.
  • Brand advocacy: Due to the familiar factor of these Rab products and quality, these gifts won’t go without recognition from your customers. These are the kinds of gifts that are bound to get social media love, amazing feedback and a stronger connection from your customers. It’s a win-win situation!
  • Eco-friendly brand: Rab is proud to have strong corporate social responsibility and as such, they are committed to producing products that are long-lasting and made from sustainable, recyclable materials. Their commitment goes beyond just the materials in the product to protect fair pay, being climate neutral and improving our environment for all in local communities.

Rab Branded Products: Use Case

Rab is famous for its quality and performance, so it’s no wonder that so many people around the world choose to wear Rab. Rab items are made for the harshest climates in the mountains as that is where it all started. If they can outlast those situations, they can deal with many other less extreme scenarios. They have worked with some extraordinary athletes and organisations over the years, and it is these relationships that allow them to push the boundaries with our products.

Rab products can be used for those keen athletes who love competitions and crazy adrenaline sports like rock climbing on a cliff to your travel lovers. Their clothing range is perfect for all kinds of weather and activities. So, whether you’re looking for branded practical clothes to keep people warm to promotional travel bags that can be taken all around the world, the options are endless. Customers who love the outdoors will take a shine to these products and are a perfect choice for your next promotional giveaway.

Branding Options for Rab Clothing & Accessories

Embroidery is often the preferred option for products such as jackets and bags, particularly when branding premium names like Rab. Each product page will detail the available branding methods, positions, and areas, and careful consideration should be given to the placement in relation to the brand logo.

When submitting your inquiry, please attach your logo for assessment by our experienced team. We will advise on the optimal placement or follow your instructions. Virtual samples will be provided to help you visualize the final product.

How to choose the right Rab product

Choosing your custom-printed Rab items is easy when you are in the hands of our expert team here at Zest Promotional. We can help you identify which products from clothing, bags and accessories are ideal for you based on your budget and customer needs. Then we can identify what customisation options are important to you, from your branded colour to positioning your logo and customised messages. These small touches make all the difference, and our team of experts will provide you with a tailored service designed to meet your needs.

Why not drop us a message on live chat so we can discuss your use case and campaign to ensure you have all the answers you require?

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