Promotional Torch Keyrings

Give away branded torch keyrings and watch your business shine!

Nowadays, many people are seen carrying torch keyrings. They serve the dual purpose of not only lighting pathways and as a key holder. This dual utility makes them an ideal marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. As a business owner, you can have promotional torch keyrings customised with your company name and logo for promoting your business.

At Zest Promotional, we offer a diverse collection of printed torch keyrings that come in different shapes and sizes to meet the brand promotion needs of your business. You can have them in the shape of credit cards or in the shape of a rubiks cube. You can even get them in regular flashlight shapes.

Our torch keyrings are sleek and lightweight promotional products that are multi functional as well as durable. We specialise in keyring torches that come with USB chargers for those unexpected emergencies. We also offer torch keyrings that can be used as bottle openers as well as those that can be attached to your bags like our Karabiner LED Torch.

Businesses that wish to display their environment friendly side can opt for our eco friendly products like our Solar Torch Keyring and Dynamo Torch Keyring. By offering our branded torch keyrings to your clients and customers, you are saving them the hassle of battery replacement as they run with the help of solar energy and mechanical energy respectively.

For high end clients, try our exclusive Maglite Solitaire Torch which comes in a stylish presentation case, creating the right image for your business!

We make use of the latest printing techniques so that your company name and logo are prominently display on our promotional torch keyrings products.

Get in touch with our sales team for any kind of assistance and advice on our printed torch keyrings. Mail us at or call up our team on this number 0800 024 8461 right now!

  1. 5 LED Torch Keyring ZP2315003

    5 LED Torch Keyrings are made from metal with a bright white LED light and keychain, with a push...

    From£1.19 each

  2. Rectangular LED Torch Keyrings ZP2315001

    Rectangular LED Torch Keyrings available in 5 popular colours with a metal trim and keychain....

    From£0.51 each

  3. Bespoke Torch Keyrings ZP2315006

    Bespoke Keyring Torches are made from a soft padded plastic material, supplied with a battery and...

    From£0.64 each

  4. Silver LED Torch Keyrings ZP2315002

    Silver LED Torch Keyrings are a light weight torch keyring with a bright white LED light. Slim and...

    From£0.77 each

  5. Credit Card Torch Keyrings ZP2315007

    Credit Card Torch Keyrings are made from a hard plastic material which can be printed up to full...

    From£0.79 each

  6. Keyring Torch & Bottle Opener ZP3020007

    Keyring Torch & Bottle Opener is a single white LED light with metal bottle opener and metal...

    From£0.84 each

  7. McQueen Torch Keyrings ZP2315008

    McQueen Torch Keyring Main
    McQueen Torch Keyrings are europe's best-selling keyring torch! Made from aluminium...

    From£0.92 Each

  8. Puller Keyring Torch ZP3020003

    Puller Keyring Torch with torch and light functions, pull the light up to create an extra light at...

    From£1.76 each

  9. Rubiks LED Flashlights ZP2405007

    Rubiks LED Flashlights are the ultimate keychain companion. A new product from Rubiks, this...

    From£2.01 each

  10. Dynamo Torch Keyrings ZP2315004

    Dynamo Torch Keyrings are an eco friendly product as the power is generated from a dynamo using...

    From£2.20 each

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