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Help your business and the environment grow with promotional eco-friendly paper products!

By introducing recyclable and environment-friendly company gifts into your marketing campaigns, you get a favourable opportunity to give back something to nature as well as to society. Handing out organic and sustainable products as corporate gifts has become a green marketing programme for many businesses – both big and small. At the same time, people prefer to do business with companies that come across as responsible organisations and are also sensitive to the needs of the environment. Your gift recipients will also come to view you as an environment-friendly brand that does not mind changing its corporate practices for the benefit of society on the whole, and more specifically the environment as well.

Most importantly, by adopting a policy of gifting green promotional business gifts, you end up portraying your brand name and business offerings as one that believes in keeping up with the changing times. Thus, giving away promotional tools made from renewable resources at tradeshows or conferences will send a strong signal to people who want to do business with you that you are a progressive organisation and believe in using ethically sourced products!

Additionally, another reason why you should make use of bio-degradable promotional products is that since they are recyclable and can be reused, they tend to stand out more from most other giveaways or freebies. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have realised the importance of using products made from renewable resources and using sustainable processes to build a positive brand image for their business. Thus, in today's highly competitive business world, eco-friendly paper products with logo and your company name custom imprinted on them are much appreciated by people everywhere.

The demand and popularity of eco-friendly paper products with logo and a slogan or message concerning the environment printed on them as customer gifts is growing day by day. For this reason, make our collection of promotional eco-friendly paper products – consisting of eco-friendly notebooks, eco-friendly sticky notes and eco-friendly desk pads – a part of your marketing events right away!

Offered in an assortment of specifications and variations including size, hue and recycled materials, our in-depth selection of eco-friendly paper products with logo and your brand name custom imprinted on them make quality promotional gifts that are affordable as well. Whether you use them as business executive gifts, employee gifts or customer gifts, our promotional products are bound to strike a chord with your target market in no time!

Our selection of branded eco-friendly paper products consists of printed eco-friendly notebooks that are available at extremely reasonable prices. Crafted especially to meet the daily needs of taking down information and notes, our printed eco-friendly notebooks come in wide-ranging recycled materials including paper and polypropylene. Depending on different promotional needs, these notebooks are offered in various sizes such as A4, A5 or A6 sizes as well as in conventional corporate colours including white. We also offer these practical office items wire or spiral bound.

Our company also specialises in offering quality promotional eco-friendly sticky notes as branded eco-friendly paper products at highly competitive rates. At Zest Promotional, you can find such notebooks in a range of dimensions including 105x75mm, 127x75mm and 75x75mm manufactured using top quality recycled paper. Providing you with the option of 50 or 100 sheets, these notebooks come in an assortment of colour options including white, pink, blue and yellow.

Included in our selection of branded eco-friendly paper products are high quality and durable eco-friendly desk pads, which make great cost effective personalised business gifts that are composed of 80gsm recycled paper. Available in 50 or 100 sheets, we provide them in a choice of sizes including A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6. Our company also supplies these practical office items with ring binders at an extra cost.

It is not only important to use organic and ethically sourced corporate logo gifts, but in order to make them unique corporate gift ideas, they need to be custom imprinted with novel and original images, texts, logo and artwork. For this reason, to help our clients make their promotional eco-friendly paper products as impressive as possible, we provide customisation services as well. Our team of branding experts make use of series of printing methods including screen printing, pad printing and litho printing to turn them into professional and classy customer gifts.

If you need any help picking the right bio-degradable promotional gifts or customisation processes, we have a dedicated sales team who will provide you with all kinds of assistance and guidance. Call our sales team at 0800 024 8461 or send your emails to sales@zestpromotional.comtoday!

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