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Why Promotional Paper Products are a Highly Effective Brand Reminder

Whether your target customer are office based or work on the road there is a suitable promotional paper product for you to choose. Printed with your logo or brand, printed pads, sticky notes, note pads and desk pads offer a regular reminder of your marketing message.

Printing onto paper allows the best possible reproduction of your artwork, and the wide range of colours, weights and shapes of paper mean it is easy to come with something different from your competitors. Promotional gifts work best when they are practical, there couldn't be a better example of this than printed paper products.

Sticky Notes are still a vital tool in organizing your work priorities, if you have a busy desk and need to label piles of paperwork, are organizing samples, or leaving a message on a colleague's desk, sticky notes are a useful tool in office life.

Notepads are a quick and effective tool in meetings with clients, reminding them of your logo whilst you are selling to them can help them to associate with your brand and win contracts.

Notebooks keep important information in one place for easy revision at a later date and using hardback or polypropylene covers make them durable ensuring prolonged use and visibility for your brand.

Desk Pads are ideal for writing down quick notes and information which may not need to be kept but play an important role at the time of use in promoting your marketing message.

Memo Holders offer the longest use of printed promotional paper products. Used to write quick notes or snippets they can be in use for up to a year even in a busy office environment.

If you would like advise or guidance on which promotional paper products are best for your marketing needs, or would like help in designing your artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461or email

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