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Branded Bags Printed With Your Logo

Top rated custom print supplier for promotional bags, backpacks, travel bags, tote, canvas bags and much more…

Need to get your brand out there? Then, you need our customised bags! We pride ourselves on supplying a cost-effective way for you to reach new customers and to engage with existing ones too.

Our promotional bags offer flexibility and the ability to get your brand noticed. Keeping a classy look with the practicality and versatility of our bag options to ensure that any customer will be using this bag everywhere they go! If you want your brand advocates to be proud of your brand, this is a great way for them to showcase it!

At Zest Promotional, we offer a wide range of bag products that are durable, functional and appealing… a bag so nice that both your employees and customers will not be able to resist using it for everyday scenarios such as a commute, work or for other activities.

Zest Promotional – Our Branded Bag Collection

Zest Promotional is a top-rated provider for customised bags with trusted partners and expertise in the corporate gift market. Our customised bags are a popular choice among corporate companies, institutions and for internal branding for new starters at your company.

So, if you need a memorable and effective way gift for your next direct marketing campaign or an employee incentive campaign, then why contact the first-class team of experts here at Zest Promotional? Whether you want to enquire about your requirements for your ideal bag, printing or customisation options or just to chat through your options!

Our branded bags can be used for multiple scenarios including travelling, for daily commutes, business use with storage for laptops or work accessories, cooling bags for drinks or food, shopping bags and even sport bags for universities, colleges or schools or those who have a keen desire for a certain sport. Our promotional bags can come in a variety of sizes, styles, and branded colours which can be customized to your liking. So, whatever the use case, we can help find a bag for your campaign that will show of your brand in the best possible light!

Are you an event organiser? Then our canvas or tote bags are a cost-effective and a great option for your attendees. No more struggling carrying piles of handouts or trying to fit in your existing bag… now attendees have another bag for the event and further future shops when out and about to show off your logo!

UK based? We’re a trusted provider in the UK that can give you peace of mind of safe and reasonable delivery options.

Want to compliment your branded bags options with other promotional gifts, then why not take a look at huge variety of gifting options including branded clothing, branded drinkware and much more…

Why Branded Bags? The impact of a promotional bag!

Branded bags are a great way to engage with your customers or employees. According to ASI studies (Advertising Speciality Institute), roughly 73% of consumers own a promotional bag and reuse them. Branded bags are roughly kept on average up to 11 months and can generate an average 3,300 impressions over that time to other potential prospects. One bag of £1.50-£2 can generate this amount of impressions over this time meaning a very low cost per impression. With so much noise in digital advertising, making your brand stand out in the product promotional space can help to amplify your brand.

Branded bags are still a reliable promotional product that produces long-term exposure for your company to this very day. The products are used in more than 50% of all UK households and are often used for shopping, carrying supplies in schools or as a bag for commuting. Due to the constant need to having spare durable bags that can be utilised for these purposes, it makes it a great gift to strike up a conversation! They’re also great for current customers wanting to show off your brand and to share the fondness of your brand with their friends or colleagues. A research study by the PPAI found that 83% of consumers were more likely do business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional bag.

If you have a top-notch branded bag that stands out, the odds could be even better with impressions and achieving a better customer experience. Zest Promotional can help you achieve the best of the best when it comes to the perfect branded bag!

Benefits of promotional bags

Customisable bags offer value to consumers due to the practical nature of them and how they can be used for everyday situations. They offer great exposure at a reasonable price making them a safe option for your budget. When it comes to choosing promotional bags, here are some of the key reasons people choose them:
Practical: We always need bags for different situations, and we can’t have too many… whether it’s moving house, carrying things when commuting or travelling or doing the weekly shop!
Cost-effective: Effective exposure for little cost per bag. A branded bag can go a long way, literally and figuratively speaking!
Visual aesthetic: Customisable bags are a great way to show off your brand and make your company look really slick!
Durable: Our branded bags are built to last. Meaning your customers will be using your customisable bags for many years to come.
Multi-purpose: Branded bags are for everyone. Everyone needs a bag for a purpose and a customisable bag can suit a large demographic.
Reliable product: Branded bags just work! People use them and love them. Especially when you do it extremely well and choose a great promotional product provider.
Brand loyalty: Because promotional bags can be incredibly useful, they are a great way to increase brand loyalty and to get your customers to wear your brand repeatedly.

Choosing the right promotional bag

So, you’ve got your mind made up on having a promotional bag for your next campaign, but you need to decide which one will be best. To ensure you meet your requirements, think about what your target audience is, what the use case is for the promotional bag and the applications. This way you can whittle down your options to a few and then focus on the styling or customisation to the branded bag can stands out. Below we’ve shared some of the application and use cases of bags and typically what bags work in the scenarios (e.g. fabric/tote bags work well for trade events). If you are looking to add personal touches, then larger backpacks might work best due to the style and space.

Our branded bag partners

We only work with the best partners around the world. You can find lots of different models and styles for our promotional bags, but we always ensure the best quality.
One of our branded bag partners we work with is Eastpak. Eastpak provide top-of-the-range bags for travelling and commuting. Slick, lightweight, durable, reliable and stylish. They tick the boxes in so many ways and a go-to choice for many consumers when it comes to a trusted bag. That’s why we work with them! Now you can have your Eastpak bags customised to your taste and liking for your customers to enjoy everyday.

For Travel: Customisable branded travel bags & backpacks

Are you looking for a promotional gift that is both practical and stylish for travel consumers? Are your clients travel lovers or work in the travel industry such as an operator, agency, transportation or partner? Then our promotional trolley bags and backpacks are the great solution for your target audience! Our durable products can be used as carry-on luggage during flights or as a backpack for hiking trips.

For lightweight options, our customised Eastpak bags are easy to carry and durable for everyday use. They are also suitable as a business bag or an everyday accessory.

For your well-known stylish hiking or travel brands, we also have Osprey and Fjallraven Re-Kanken bags if you really want to impress your customers. These are more on the high-end of the scale but one to show the love to your brand advocates!

Zest Promotional travel backpacks are available in all different sizes and designs. Whether you need a large backpack for your next business trip or a smaller one for your daily commute, we have the right product for you. We also have bags that are water resistant for extra protection for all kinds of weather. Just ask us about your requirements or customisation needs. Whether it’s printed or embroidery, we can help you choose the best options for the fabric of the bag to make sure it’s runs the test of time.

Our luggage bags are made of high-quality materials, so they can withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions when travelling. Our bags come with many additional features such as wheels, pockets or additional compartments for storing valuables away safely. This way, our promotional trolley bags and backpacks can be used anywhere in the world without any problems! Your brand will get noticed all over the world for long periods of time with these giveaways.

At Zest Promotional, we can provide the best quality bags that look like your own brand to give you maximum exposure to the potential prospects.

For event giveaways: Customisable branded bags for tradeshows, conferences and events

Tote bags and printed fabric bags are popular for giveaways at events and trade shows. A very light-weight bag that is sturdy and offer the ability to stick all your pens, giveaways, documents and other collection of things makes it a handy and timely gift! Having a printed bag that is visually appealing makes sure it stands out in a busy trade show or event where they are lots of people… and well your brand deserves to shine! That’s why we’re here to help!

We offer a wide range of personalized promotional bags that can work for events that offer practicality and are visually appealing. Our cotton bags, which can be printed with your logo or other images, are perfect for trade fairs and conference – they’re both affordable and durable! When printing bulk orders for large scale events, having low cost but not sacrificing on quality is important.

Your recipients will love the quality of our bags, which is why they make such great gifts for employees or clients who will find these handy for transporting items from one place to another when you don’t want to carry to much in your hands! Whatever customisation you need from logos to brand statements, we can provide a sample of how good it will look for your next event.

For brand advocates: Customisable branded bags for your customer advocates

Customer brand loyalty is the best kind of advocation you can get. They’re the ones who take your brand’s message and run with it, spreading your brand’s gospel to everyone they know and that’s why we’ve created customisable branded bags for you and your advocates. Happy customers are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and wear your brand with pride. Therefore, a gift such as personalised bag with your logo on will help them to remind you of your brand everywhere they go. This lovely gift will encourage them to be even more complimentary of your company and to recommend you to others. Our high-quality branded bags will show your loyal customers how much you value them. We can add personal messages or touches to make it extra special to your clientele.

For employees & partners: Customisable branded bags for your workforce

Looking for a great gift idea to surprise new starters? Looking to show your appreciation to existing partners or employees? Then durable customised branded bags are a great gifting option. Business partners, long-term employee or new employees can wear your customisable bag and act as brand ambassador everywhere they go. This will make a good impression on people they interact with in meetings, friends, family and customer experiences too.

We offer high-quality promotional bags in the form of suitcases, briefcases, backpacks and laptop trolleys. You can personalise the chosen bag with your logo so that it stands out from other similar products on the market and so they can remember this special gift. If you want to offer your employees a practical travel bag or suitcase for corporate trips away and also present your organisation in a great way, then we can help source the perfect bag for this scenario.

For Retail & Shopping: Customisable shopping bags

Nowadays the importance of the sustainability and being eco-friendly is important to all of us. Therefore, if you are looking for bags that can be used a retail setting or for consumers doing their daily shopping, we have a lot of awesome options. From eco-friendly jute tote bags to cool bags and reusable foldable shopping bags that can all be customised with your branding.

Gone are the days of short-lasting plastic shopping bags which are more harmful to the environment than jute bags. Now you can run an eco-friendly branded bag campaign to give your customers a long-lasting shopping bag that also offer style and durability.

Help your customers help the environment by giving them a practical bag made of environmentally friendly material to transport their purchases home comfortably and safely. Our carrying bags are stylish and functional at the same time and will please your customers for a long time to come due to their durability.

For Health & Wellbeing: Customisable bags for fitness and beauty

The right sports bag is the perfect companion for your daily training. Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, or just like to keep fit, promotional bags are the ideal way to promote your company and make your customers happy. They’re ideal for sport clubs, gyms, healthy and leisure centres and much more. From shoes bags for storing rugby or football boots to holdall or duffel style bags that are great for storing lots of sports equipment when travelling. We have bag options that will work for lots of different types of sports.

Branded bags with logos also work great for the health and wellness industry as they can be used to cosmetic bags or larger bags for carrying towels or swimwear. A lot of health and wellbeing organisations want to display the luxury feel of enjoying the good things in life like a spa trip! Therefore, a practical bag that is elegant for carrying makeup, cosmetics or other things is something that will be very appealing to this target audience.

Ready to choose your promotional products?

At Zest Promotional, we’ve been delighting customer for over 18 years with our promotional gifts and our branded bags that display your logo, loud and proud! You will find that we do not compromise on quality here despite our huge collection of gifting options and flexibility with customisation.

When you get in contact with us, it’s as easy as supplying your logo, describing your customisation requirements and informing us your selection or quantity (please refer to minimum order quantities on certain products which can be found under product guide prices). Then we get to it and that’s when you can sit back and relax! If you are in any doubt just, please contact us to go through your options with bags or printing requirements so we can deliver the best experience for you.

You can also request a sample of products to ensure they meet your criteria for your next campaign. Either give us a call or drop us a message via a form or on live chat to get a response from our helpful team!

Do you have a question about our products or services?

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