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Protect your customers with promotuional cyber security products

Today, Its more important than ever to stay protected on-line, we offer a range of promotional security products to help protect your privacy and personal information. Part of our range of Branded Gadgets

Cyber Security is more important than ever as we are constantly at risk of being hacked or having our personal data stolen from us.  When you're a IT Security Company or Department it can be hard to get your important Safety advice over to your customers or employees.  A branded Cyber Security Product can help to reinforce the message.

We offer a range of Promotional Cyber Security Products that help to protect the user personal information and details.

Webcam Covers – These small and compact devices are placed over a webcam to protect the user from camera hacker – they simply slide open or close to block the webcam cover when not in use – they can be supplied with a fully bespoke backing card which can be your to promote your brand and corporate message.

RFID or radio-frequency identification is used in contactless cards to make payments and other transactions. These cards are at risk of skimming by theft using portable scanners.  We have a selection of RFID blockers that provent the signal being read.

USB Data Blockers – are the latest product that prevents data being transmitted when you plug in your electronic device to a USB Port – the blocker will only allow charging to take place.

We are constantly looking for new products, so if you are looking for something that isn't on our website email us – and we will see what we can do to help.

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