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Go green with top quality promotional eco-friendly products!

Personalised business gifts that are crafted from ethically sourced matter namely renewable resources, including the use of government certified sustainable processes, are the need of the hour. Offering long lasting use without causing damage to the environment, organic and recyclable corporate logo gifts are widely in demand at conferences, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions. At the same time, these bio-degradable and reusable promotional tools are extremely effective at creating an endearing appeal for your brand as well as your products and services!

Crafted from organic and reusable materials, these items can speak highly about your company as they go about increasing your brand awareness and recognition. Whether you are a big company or a small one, the use of customer gifts made from sustainable processes is perfect for creating a valuable and positive impact on your target market. Additionally, reusable promotional gifts are known to offer a high perception value and build a positive image while boosting your business sales.

To give you a helping hand in augmenting your profit margins and setting you apart from your competitors, Zest Promotional offers a large assortment of printed eco-friendly products that have been crafted from bio-degradable waste matter at some of the best possible prices! These reusable promotional gifts are offered in varied sizes, shapes, finish and hues.

Eco-friendly mouse mats

Our wide selection of promotional eco-friendly products consists of high quality promotional eco-friendly mouse mats that come in varied shapes including square, round and rectangle as well as standard corporate colours. Made from environment-friendly waste materials that include bio-degradable plastics, paper and tyres, our branded mouse mats are durable and sturdy gifts that are suitable for use by both optical and standard ball mouses. Since computers have become an integral part of our lives, get these essential items for your customers, employees and business partners today!

Eco-friendly coasters

Included in our wide array of branded eco-friendly products are low cost but superior quality printed eco-friendly coasters. Our value for money reusable coasters are available in a range of shapes, colours and customisation options. Whether it is round or square coasters, these personalised business gifts are supplied by us in standard white along with exciting shades like red, blue, black, green and yellow. While some of them are crafted using plastics, paper and tyres, our company also supplies coasters made from CD cases.

Eco-friendly rulers

We also supply branded eco-friendly rulers of the highest grade as eco-friendly products with logo and brand name embossed on the body. These popular stationery items are offered by us in choice of dimensions including 15cm, 20cm and 30cm. Besides making them available in conventional black and white hues, these reusable items are also offered in vibrant shades of blue, green, red and yellow as well as natural wood colour. Boasting of a large print area, we supply this item in plastic or wood option and in standard measurements (including inches and centimetres).

Eco-friendly paper products

Among branded eco-friendly products, our company is also known for its high quality and diverse range of promotional eco-friendly paper products. Made from different types of waste materials, these personalised business gifts are offered by us in variety of styles, designs, colours and sizes. Our environment-friendly and reusable paper products consist of: • Eco-friendly notebooks: Crafted from an assortment of recycled materials that include polypropylene and paper, these branded stationery gifts come in standard sizes including A4, A5 and A6 sizes. Depending on your gifting needs, you can get these wire or spiral bound as needed. • Eco-friendly sticky notes: Our collection of reusable paper products also include branded sticky notes that are crafted from premium quality recycled paper. Offered in myriad shades that include white, pink, blue and yellow, you can select to gift them in sets of 50 or 100 sheets. The dimensions that you will come across range from 105x75mm, 127x75mm to 75x75mm. • Eco-friendly desk pads: We also supply printed desk pads under the promotional eco-friendly products’ category. Manufactured using 80gsm reusable paper, these essential office items are offered in varied sizes – A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6. In addition to sets of 50 or 100 sheets, we also supply them with ring binders at an additional cost.

Eco-friendly pens and pencils

Offering universal appeal, our comprehensive collection of branded pens and pencils are made from an assortment of recycled materials ranging from plastic bottles, polystyrene, newspaper and many more! These eco-friendly products with logo and your promotional message branded on the print area are extremely effective for sharing your eco-friendly business message. Be it in bright colours or conventional corporate colours, these pens and pencils are available in push button, cap and twist action designs.

Solar chargers

Our highly durable and wear and tear resistant branded solar chargers are one of our many value for money branded eco-friendly products. Helping your customers, employees and business associates to charge their high tech gadgets anytime and anywhere, our small and portable solar powered charging devices are the most reasonably priced solutions for keeping the batteries of your receivers’ gadgets always charged!

Eco-friendly pencil sharpeners

Our company also specialises in offering an extensive selection of printed eco-friendly pencil sharpeners at pocket friendly prices. Crafted from a choice of materials including timber, plastic and polystyrene, we offer these sharpeners with single or double cavities for small or standard pencils. Besides offering them in conventional designs, you can gift them in unique eye-catching options as well!

Eco-friendly bags

At Zest Promotional, we offer the widest variety of branded eco-friendly bags as promotional eco-friendly products. Perfect for distribution at trade shows, exhibitions, seminars or simply at your green marketing event, you will find them in a variety of materials including natural cotton, recycled paper or jute – and in different sizes, styles and colours as well. Strong and sturdy, these bags can function as gift bags apart from being used as grocery or shopping bags!

After having made your selection, you can have our team of expert logo designers personalise these branded eco-friendly products with your desired message, slogan, artwork or images and text. By employing the best possible imprinting techniques (including litho printing, screen printing, pad printing and digital printing), our branding experts will make sure that your design descriptions are reproduced accurately and clearly on your logo gifts to give you maximum brand exposure!

Get our eco-friendly products with logo and your message or company name custom printed from us now! For more details or advice in selecting the right promotional gift crafted from recycled waste and branding methods, you can get in touch with our sales team anytime! Give us a call at 0800 024 8461 or send us an email at today!

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