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Use Promotional Pens To Market Your Brand

When your company decides to invest in promotional products your company is taking a risk. Firstly, it is spending a huge amount of money as these products can end up costing a lot. Secondly, your company’s reputation is also on the line when you create marketing or advertising campaigns that involve promotional gifts.

The effectiveness of a promotional product depends on a variety of factors, the first being your choice of product. Popular products include apparel like t-shirts, caps, writing instruments like promotional pens, pencils, bags, drinkware like sports water bottles, promotional stubby holders, etc. Some promotional products are very popular among customers because of their functional and durable use.

Companies spend a lot of money on advertising and branding every month, searching for unique ways to get their products and services marketed and promoted. When it comes to promotional gifts, one type of gift that always works is personalized pens. Pens are among the top promotional items any company can use for their promotional gifting campaign.

At Zest promotional, we provide you with a variety of products that are popular among people for their functional use as well as design. Our range of promotional pens and writing instruments can serve as one of the most useful and functional corporate gifts for your marketing and branding campaign. With multiple options for customizing your products according to your advertising requirements, our collection of pens can complement your marketing campaigns no matter what your budget! We can help you create a customized corporate gift that allows you to add a personal touch to your promotional campaign and allows you to enhance your brand and its products and services.

We have a wide collection of advertising pens you can choose for your promotional gift campaigns. Our collection of promotional pens has been carefully chosen so you get the best options available in the market to choose from! Some of the popular categories of our promotional pens and writing instruments are:

  • Senator pens – These pens offer great design and writing finesse and will add a touch of class and prestige to any campaign. These pens come with unique design features that make them stand out and are available in a wide range of colours, styles and specifications. We also provide you with a choice of a plastic or metal body.
  • Promotional Highlighters – They are useful and ideal to keep handy in all offices. Promotional highlighters are inexpensive and affordable. We offer various types and designs of highlighters to choose from – from single colour highlighters to multiple colour highlighters. Our variety of different highlighters to choose from includes the popular Tri Lighter Promotional Highlighter, a triangular-shaped highlighter pen combining three neon nibs with a generous print area, making it one of the best Promotional Items! Alternatively, why not go for something a bit more quirky like our Hand Shape Highlighter, a set of five highlights that are guaranteed to add an element of fun into your next marketing campaign!
  • Promotional Pencils are one of the most effective and affordable methods of business promotion. Pencils are complimented and used by virtually everyone, thus their importance in any promotional campaign strategy cannot be ignored. Promotional pencils give great exposure to your brand or message. Our colourful range of promotional printed pencils includes the popular Price buster Promotional Printed Pencil available in a variety of bold colours with a rubber tip. If you are looking for something more extravagant check out our Neon Printed Pencils which are sure to brighten up any room! These bright pencils are available in a stunning range of colours.
  • Recycled Pens are eco-friendly and are made from recycled materials, making them ideal for companies that want to opt for green promotional products.
  • Waterman Pens make great executive gifts. They come with the waterman seal of quality, performance and elegance and are available in a variety of designs.
  • Stylus Pens – We have a vast collection of branded stylus pens that will make great giveaway promotional items. They offer the best of both worlds – traditional writing combined with today’s touch screen technology requirements. Our stylus pens are suitable for use on all types of smartphones, iPhones, tablets, iPods, etc.

Do you think popular products equal good brand promotion? Not necessarily! Let us take the example of a t-shirt, which has your brand logo on its back. From a brand perspective, it can give you great exposure making it ideal for special events. Your logo can be placed well and be visible from a distance too, but how often will people wear your brand’s t-shirt afterwards? Now, just compare this to branded pens which will be used regularly, perhaps even daily!

Many promotional marketing pens provide limited space for customization, but the single most important advantage of these pens is that people use them every day. This provides far more brand exposure. The other important thing is the quality of the graphics you use. Bad graphics can have distorted logo proportions and give you the wrong colour results. When the brand is not represented in the best light, you can’t blame people for not remembering remember you!

At Zest promotional, we provide you with the latest and the best graphic design techniques using the latest methods of imprinting including engraving, screen printing, full colour digital, pad printing, etc. to ensure that your brand logo is clearly displayed without any distortions. We also use the best quality printing colour to avoid any colour mistakes.

We have a team of experienced graphic designers to help you design your promotional pens with greater precision and accuracy. They can also guide you through the process of choosing the best suitable imprinting technology for your corporate gifts so you can get greater brand recognition, ensuring that the receivers of your gift use them regularly rather than keeping them aside. Our designers can help you design catchy, classy and elegant brand messages to capture the attention of your receivers to give you years of brand exposure.

At Zest Promotional, we can take care of all your requirements for marketing and promoting your brand and help you design your promotional gift according to your needs and budget. We also provide you with the best value for your money, as we understand your needs and the importance of spending money on the right promotional gifts.

Promotional Pens and writing instruments available at our store are handpicked to ensure high standards of quality and come with a guarantee. We believe in serving our clients with the best products to help them meet their promotion and marketing requirements in style.

The other major advantage of promotional pens and writing instruments is their reach. Pens are used daily and everywhere. When not in use, novelty pens are prominently displayed and treasured by their owners. They are also a mental mark that helps people identify with a known brand and will be proudly displayed if they look appealing, guaranteeing that they will be used (and even passed on!), increasing the visibility of your brand for many years to come. These advantages make it imperative for any business to incorporate the use of promotional pens in their brand promotion.

Promotional Pens are easy to carry and can be a very attractive item for advertising the company name in a very affordable way. Your recipients will get to see the brand name of the company whenever they use these pens.

One thing people love about custom pens is their versatility. The same pen can be used for everyone; employees, customers, business associates and prospects. This is one thing that makes them so cost-efficient. You don’t have to design different pens for different advertising campaigns for different groups of people out there.

One more thing that makes advertising with personalized pens so appealing is the length of time you keep getting a return on your investment. If someone gets your pen and likes it, they will hang on to it for years to come. Each time they use it, they will be reminded of your services and products. It’s like your own commercial playing all day! Imagine – if the pen gets passed around to five different people that’s like five commercials! The possibilities are truly endless!

Giving consumers products they would like to use is a great way to ensure the success of your brand. Thus, select your promotional products wisely to ensure the desired impact. You can contact our friendly sales team anytime to place orders for your promotional gifts. They can also help you get in touch with our expert designers to get your company logos, brand messages, brand name, etc. designed professionally for greater brand visibility while maintaining your company’s goodwill and brand reputation. Give us a call at 0800 024 8461 or write us at today!

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