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Use promotional umbrellas for your new and old customers!

Businesses of all sizes and descriptions know that umbrellas with logo and business messages printed on them are one of the most popular marketing options when it comes to promoting their products and services and attracting the attention of their customers. Marketing umbrellas are favourite business promotional gifts for businesses because they are not only portable but are used by people of all classes and ages on a regular basis! Since umbrellas are very easily seen in a crowd, umbrellas with logo and company name custom imprinted on them can easily be seen by many observers. Another important reason that makes umbrellas popular is that they can be used in all kinds of situations, whether they are used for personal purposes or for promotional campaigns. Since golf is a favourite pastime for many business executives, large-sized umbrellas are often used for promoting businesses at various golf courses.

For an umbrella to last, it needs to be made from top quality materials. In addition, they need to be very well-built to withstand rain, wind or snow. The quality of the umbrellas you give away as corporate gifts also have a bearing on your company image and reputation. By using top quality branded umbrellas in your promotional campaigns your customers will associate your company with high quality and durability, enhancing your goodwill over time. This will also give your marketing message or slogan years of advertising exposure, helping you develop lifelong business relationships with your customers.

We have ten different categories of advertising umbrellas on offer at Zest Promotional with a large variety of options for you to choose from. Explore these categories now to find the design, size and colour that match all your marketing needs so you can find exactly what you are looking for! Constructed from high-quality materials, all our printed umbrellas are highly durable and long-lasting promotional gifts and have been specially selected to meet all your business gifting needs. Our collection of branded umbrellas includes:

Birdcage umbrellas

Take a look at our vast assortment of branded birdcage umbrellas which are extremely stylish and trendy dome-shaped umbrellas. Your customers can not only use them to protect themselves from the rain but can also use them to make a style statement! Some of the prominent design features that you will come across in our birdcage umbrellas include a Bell-shaped clear PVC canopy, a 10mm steel black pipe and an 8 x 60cm black paragon rib construction for added durability.

Vented umbrellas

To suit all kinds of marketing budgets, we provide a comprehensive range of vented umbrellas in a variety of elegant designs, specifications and colours. Our company also offers personalised vented umbrellas for promotional campaigns on golf courses. Some of the features that this exclusive range of umbrellas boast of includes a canopy made of top quality poly pongee or polyester fabric, a fibreglass rib and shaft construction for extra strength, auto open functionality and vented canopy design.

Childrens umbrellas

We also specialise in providing inexpensive children’s umbrellas in fun puppy and frog design. Our range of children’s umbrellas includes fun children’s Frog or Puppy Umbrellas as well as Krazy Kids Umbrellas.

Windproof umbrellas

Our collection of promotional windproof umbrellas show exceptional strength and durability in all kinds of violent weather conditions and include our ever-popular ProBrella range. Some of the qualities that our collection is best known for include the availability of standard or large 86cm size options, an automatic or manual opening system as needed, a solid steel or fibreglass rib construction for extra strength, and a double canopy design for a longer life.

Telescopic folding umbrellas

Our collection of telescopic folding umbrellas comes in different panels, colours and sizes. Ranging from budget-friendly Beverley Budget Folding Umbrellas to our exclusive range of lightweight folding umbrellas under the Promo brand name, our folding umbrellas are durable and sport features like vented canopy design, aluminium or fibreglass frame for added strength, and an optional automatic opening mechanism to help you conveniently open the umbrella.

Golf umbrellas

Our company specialises in offering the widest variety of affordable golf umbrellas which are long-lasting and do not break easily because of their strong and tough fibreglass construction. Our customisable golf umbrellas are a widely used promotional tool at various golf tournaments and charity events. Whether you have a tight or large marketing budget, we offer popular branded golf umbrellas in various shapes, sizes and colours to suit all kinds of needs.

Besides golf umbrellas in the usual 75cm size, we also specialise in providing large-sized golf umbrellas at reasonable rates. Sporting an 86cm frame design, our assortment of large-sized golf umbrellas under the Susino Fibreplus brand name are excellent business gifts for your customers and their families!

Walking umbrellas

Our printed walking umbrellas are highly versatile and flexible promotional gifts that not only protect you from the rain and sun but are resistant to regular wear and tear too! Depending on your promotional needs and target market, we offer:

  • Susino Budget Walking Umbrellas for budget-friendly promotional campaigns
  • Ladies Fashion Walking Umbrellas for women
  • Corporate Gents Walking Umbrellas for men Check out our other collections of walking umbrellas which come with many user-friendly features.

Apart from these branded umbrellas, our promotional umbrellas collection also includes:

Eco-friendly umbrellas

Especially designed for eco-friendly promotional campaigns, our low cost but premium quality eco-friendly umbrellas are ideal for practical daily use apart from promoting your brand name in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Bespoke umbrellas

We offer you a variety of bespoke umbrellas to choose from. Depending on your business gifting requirements, you can have our marketing umbrellas customised in colours, finishes and design of your choosing.

Sun parasols

Manufactured using the best raw materials, our range of sun parasols are perfect for all kinds of gifting occasions, and come in a wide range of colour, designs and finishes.

In comparison to other promotional business gifts, our promotional umbrellas provide you with a larger print area so more people can see your large and catchy business message. To have these customisable corporate logo gifts fulfil your branding needs and complement your business profile perfectly, we offer different types of branding options. Since your promotional message will always be on prominent display you need to have these business gifts personalised most attractively to make them an effective and long-lasting marketing tool. To help you with all your branding requirements, have our team of highly qualified and experienced logo designers replicate your brand name and corporate logo in a fine finish for greater brand visibility!

At Zest Promotional, we also provide you with an additional opportunity of having the gift boxes of your promotional gifts custom imprinted with your company logo and business name as well as any kind of promotional messages in accordance with your promotional requirements.

Place your orders today and distribute these promotional corporate gifts among your clients, employees and business partners and generate long term brand visibility for your products and services. Our personalized advertising umbrellas can help to improve your brand equity, widen your target market and increase business sales all at the same time!

For additional details about our marketing umbrellas and the variety of branding options that we offer on these customisable printed umbrellas, contact our sales team today! Call us at 0800 024 8461 or email us at for more details! You can also take a look at our informative video on promotional umbrellas for any kind of help or suggestions in picking the right kind of personalised umbrellas as your promotional business gift.

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