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Branding Options

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Grab our promotional keyrings to increase your business sales!

We have a large selection of Promotional Keyrings in different shapes and sizes and to suit all budgets and promotional events.  A branded Keyring is a cost effective way to raise brand awareness or promote your corporate message.

A keyring is a great way to get your company logo into the hands of your customers and act as a constant reminder of your brand.  When you include your contact details, your customer will have everything they need to get in touch.

When it comes to promoting the brand name of your company, keyrings are ideal and practical promotional gifts. People are instantly drawn to such gifts that offer a certain amount of functionality. At Zest Promotional, we offer a vast and varied selection of promotional keyrings in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours that are crafted from quality materials and are designed for daily use.

Pull Reels and Ski Pass Holders

Made from high grade metal, our ski pass holders and pull reels come with retractable cords and belt clips. They ensure that the badges, IDs and keys are always within easy reach of your customers or employees.

Bespoke Promotional Keyrings

We also specialise in custom made promotional keyrings that are skilfully and artistically crafted from high quality metals. Our team of designers can reproduce the brand name and logo of your company with great intricacy on these keyrings.


Bottle Opener Keyrings

Get innovative bottle opener keyrings in the shape of houses, trucks and peace signs for your business promotion needs. Besides opening bottles and locks, some of them can also light up dark areas!

Metal Keyrings

We offer a wide range of promotional metal keyrings for all kinds of businesses. You can get them in common geometric shapes and in eye catching shapes like cars, footballers, houses and many more designs! Crafted for top quality metal, they are available in a fine nickel or chrome finish. Some of them also come in stylish gift boxes for your premium customers. We have a choice of beautifully engraved metal keyrings that have a high quality feel at affordable prices.

Plastic Keyrings

To meet various business promotional requirements, we also have plastic keyrings on offer that come in geometric shapes as well as fun and eye catching shapes and designs! Made from environment friendly materials, these products are available at very affordable prices.

Trolley coin Keyrings

Gift your clients our well polished trolley coin keyrings as your next promotional gift! Crafted from durable metals with a nickel finish, they are ideal for usage in supermarkets, gyms and airports.

Torch Keyrings

We offer sleek and lightweight torch keyrings as promotional products that can be used for all kinds of purposes! Some of them can double up as a USB charger, bottle opener or carabiner. You will also find torch keyrings in both regular and attractive shapes!

Carabiner Keyrings

Our carabiner keyrings are designed to not only hold the attention of your customers but lock on to bags and belt loops as well, reducing chances of misplacing any keys significantly.

Novelty Keyrings

We offer functional as well as eye grabbing novelty keyrings that have been designed to immediately grab the attention of the user! We offer diverse and appealing keyrings that will help you create maximum brand visibility.

Leather Keyrings

Our leather keyrings are affordable promotional products. They are made from premium quality leather and are available in attractive colours and shapes. The use of a well polished medallion with our leather keyrings lends a glamorous touch to the promotional gift which helps enhance the brand value of any business.

Soft PVC Keyrings

You can even reinvent your business name and logo with our PVC keyrings designed as 2D or 3D figures. This promotional product ensures that your logo or brand name instantly grabs the attention of your customers through their animated shapes and designs.

Ad loop Keyrings

Our Ad loop keyrings are designed to suit all kinds of marketing campaigns. They are available in a wide array of colours and with a huge branding area for your promotional message or company logo or brand name!

Our artistically designed but functional promotional keyrings are guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression on your target audience.To get additional information about the various kinds of promotional keyrings we offer, email our sales team at or call us at 0800 024 8461 now!

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