Promotional Travel Adapters

Promotional travel adapters for spreading your brand name far and wide!

Promotional travel adapters are another great way to build publicity for your products and services. This is because certain electrical gadgets do not work in certain countries, which can cause immense hardship to people, especially business executives who are always on the move from one country to another. Handing out customisable travel adapters is not only a good advertising idea they also make worthwhile business promotional gifts that will be used regularly by your recipients.

Offering long years of advertising opportunities, our collection of printed travel adapters is an affordable but good advertising tool for any type of business. Available in popular colour options including white and black, they work with all kinds of voltage requirements and enable users to power up their laptops and other electrical gizmos directly from these universal AC power outlets. Small and easy to carry, they can fit into all kinds of carrying bags easily. We also supply them in individual presentation cases to help you build a positive impression for your business.

Made from top quality fire-resistant ABS materials, our assortment of travel plug sets, consisting of 3 or 4 pieces in white or black, are ideal for distribution at conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and various other promotional giveaways. Apart from regular travel plugs, we also supply travel adapters that come with USB port features. While our One World USB Travel Adapters is one of our top-selling ranges, our USB Travel Plugs also make excellent business executive gifts. Both these promotional gifts are suitable for use in more than 150 countries and are ideal for charging laptops, cameras and various other electrical gadgets. They come with a built-in surge and spike protection system to safeguard your electronic devices from potential damage. Equally suitable for business gifting for your high profile clients is our Go Travel World Wide USB Adapters that allow any two USB compatible devices to be charged simultaneously from the main power outlet without the need for a computer. Our S-Kross World Adaptors Evo USB is apt for building a long lasting relationship with your clients as they come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

In order to get the most exposure and advertisement from using our branded travel adapters, it is imperative to personalise them with interesting text, images, logo or artwork to make them the perfect corporate logo gifts. Our team of creative designers are highly skilled at branding these simple promotional tools with your company name and logo using advanced personalisation methods such as pad printing to make your description visible for everyone to see. Get in touch with our design team to get your gifts customized in the best possible manner.

Every time your customers, business partners and business executives use or show your promotional gift in front of other people, it will instantly generate a prospective lead for your business. Though your current promotion may end, these travel adapters, with your company information printed on them, will be in use for many years to come!


For help and suggestion on choosing the right travel adapters with your logo take the help of our sales team at Zest Promotional now! You can reach our sales team by calling 0800 024 8461 or email us at

  1. Travel Mate Adapters ZP2770002

    Travel Mate Adapters are a universal travel adapter that fits into a compact box for storage and...

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  2. Jewel USB Travel Adapters ZP2770009

    Jewel USB Travel Adapters white
    Jewel USB Travel Adapters are a more compact version of our popular travel adapter range available...

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  3. One World USB Travel Adapters ZP2770004

    One World USB Travel Adapters operate in over 150 countries and is ideal for charging laptops,...

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    S-Kross World to Europe Adapters branded
    The perfect country plug to travel through countries using the Europe (Schuko) mains socket....

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  5. S-Kross World MUV Micro Adapters ZP2770013

    S-Kross World MUV Micro Adapters printed
    A patented slider system guarantees simple and safe connection in over 150 countries on all...

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  6. S-Kross World Adapters EVO USB ZP2770007

    An all in one adapter and dual USB charger allowing the powering of your 2-pole device or charging...

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  7. S-Kross World MUV USB Charger ZP2770014

    S-Kross World MUV USB Charger
    Dual USB charging in a compact 2 pole travel adapter making it ideal for travellers from all over...

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  8. S-Kross Pro World Adapters ZP2770011

    S-Kross Pro World Adapters
    A compact adapter for universal connection of all 2-pole and 3-pole devices which can be used in...

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  9. S-Kross Pro World & USB Adapters ZP2770010

    S-Kross Pro World & USB Adapters marketing
    Two in one solution for any traveller. Plug in your 2-pole and 3-pole device or two USB devices in...

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