Our Top 5 Sustainable Branded Drinkware Options

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment. From our oceans being flooded with plastic through to greenhouse gases impacting our climate, the need to make sustainable decisions is vital. And nowhere does that ring truer than with the use of plastic in everyday items. Sustainable branded drinkware is just one way in which you can take an active role in the protection of our planet. Without changing your daily routine, the purchases you make can help to minimise waste and reduce your individual footprint. We have a wide selection of sustainable options in our drinkware collection, all of which can be branded to suit your message or corporate image.

Astoria+ Bamboo Mugs

A travel mug made from bamboo with rubber lid and branded strap.
Astoria+ Bamboo Mugs

With their simple but stylish look, Astoria+ Bamboo Mugs are perfect for the daily commuter or busy mum. The single wall design is manufactured from a bamboo fibre and PP blend. Bamboo is the best alternative to plastic with quick growth rates and no need for pesticides to grow. It is strong, durable while also being lightweight – all properties that work perfectly for branded eco-travel mugs. With a 350ml capacity and the ability to print your branded message or logo on numerous places, they really are a no brainer choice.

12oz Ecoffee Cups

Multicoloured eco-friendly travel mugs with the option to brand too.
12oz Ecoffee Cups

Think takeaway cup, but reusable. The Ecoffee Cup allows you to make an environmentally responsible decision for your next hot drink. It is made from sustainable bamboo and is both BPA and phthalate-free. As bamboo is entirely natural, there’s no chance of that plastic after-taste with the sterile environment inside. This promotional eco travel mug can be ordered in up to 70 designs so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect.

PLA 280ml Coffee to Go Cups

A small travel mug made from sustainable materials and branded.
PLA 280ml Coffee to Go Cups

For something a bit more unique, opt for the PLA Coffee to Go Cup. Made from a plant-based material, this sustainable option combines eco-friendly design with convenience for the morning commute. It allows you to enjoy a hot beverage from anywhere with a silicone grip and lid to minimise spills. Do away with single-use cups – the PLA is designed to fit most standard coffee machines and has a 100% melamine free design. Personalise with your own logo, corporate image or simply a message to perk yourself up every morning.

Oka 350ml Wheat Straw Tumblers

Travel mug made from wheat straw for sustainble and branding purposes
Oka 350ml Wheat Straw Tumbler

For the modern coffee lover, the Oka Wheat Straw Tumbler is sure to take the place of your existing coffee mug. Made from an equally split blend of wheat straw fibre and PP plastic, this eco travel mug can easily hold temperatures up to 200°F. It comes with a silicone grip for comfort and can be branded with your own message, logo or corporate image. Those with a penchant for soft pastel tones will also find themselves instantly drawn to the signature speckled design.

ECO PLA 400ml Cans with Cork Sleeve

Sustainable travel mug made with a cork sleeve for businesses
ECO PLA 400ml Cans with Cork Sleeve

Impress customers or your fellow commuters when you choose the ECO PLA Cans. Complete with a sustainable cork sleeve, this branded eco travel mug is reusable, biodegradable and compostable. The plastic used is BPA-free with no toxic chemicals and can hold beverages up to 120°C. Spill-proof and suitable for branding, take control of your eco-footprint today. 
Sustainable drinkware is just one way you can make a mark and help protect our planet. If you would like more information about our artwork or branding process or have any questions about the items here, please get in contact today.

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