Dumpton School: Presentation Ring Binders For Learning

Company: Dumpton School

Sector: Education Industry

Product: Ring Binders

Objective: Quality Branded Products for Internal Use

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The background & overview of the project

Dumpton School is a private school in the UK that provides education to children from nursery right through to high school. They were looking for a graduation gift to give to the high school students that was within a budget of around £20. The client requested a premium ring binder with the school logo on the front, school name on the spine, and web address on the back. The school wanted a professional looking and high-quality product that would be cherished by the students for many years to come. At Zest, we love helping our clients find the perfect promotional products for their needs and delivering an exceptional service that puts a smile on their faces!

“The folders arrived today and I wanted to thank you so much! They are lovely, we are very pleased with them! Thank you for the time you put into making it happen.”

Dumpton Dimploma Ring Binder Mockup 1


Key customer requirements for the project

When Dumpton School made an enquiry with us, it was important that not only did we look at how we could meet the allocated budget for the project but also how we could deliver a premium look and feel for the ring binders. At this point we looked at the design process for using certain materials like padded vinyl and created a visual and physical sample for Dumpton School to ensure it matched up with their ideas. The client had a budget of £20 per item, but the item they originally chose was at the £30 mark. We spoke about the customisation of the product in line with their brand guidelines to ensure we could find a solution that would meet their budget and exceed their expectations. After some brainstorming, we decided to create a premium-looking ring binder that would be below their budget but also deliver an exceptional product with their custom blue and gold colours. 

So, what was the outcome for Dumpton School?

The client absolutely loved the sample we created and approved it with only minor revisions to positioning and the logo size. We were thrilled to move forward with the project and get to work creating the perfect ring binders for Dumpton School. The UK factory did an amazing job of turning around this project in around 3 weeks and delivering these high quality products straight to the customer. Dumpton School received the ring binders in time for their end-of-year presentation ceremony, and they were thrilled with them. The fact that these customised products are made here in the UK made it all the more special, plus we saved them money by coming in under budget!

At Zest, we’re always up for a challenge, and we’re excited to work with Dumpton School and more projects like this in the future. We believe that every client deserves the perfect promotional product, and we’re dedicated to making that happen, no matter what their budget is. Check out our website below for more case studies and to see how we can help you find the perfect promotional products for your needs.

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