Edwardian Hotels: Branded Merchandise for Giveaways & Hospitality

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Company: Edwardian Hotels

Sector: Hospitality Industry

Product: Branded Merchandise

Objective: Create premium merchandise for giveaways and promotion across the hotels and restaurants


Edwardian Hotels London

The background & overview

Edwardian Hotels are a well-established and prestigious group of luxury hotels and restaurants based in the UK.  We have been fortunate to work with Edwardian Hotels over many years and their individual brands including Mayfair Hotel and Radisson Edwardian.

This partnership enabled us to provide exceptional products for sale in their hotels, equipment for employees across various venues and giveaways to increase brand awareness of their establishments.

"We chose Zest Promotional as our go-to company for producing our merchandise across our different hotels. The customers and employees love them and they represent our brand perfectly".


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Key customer requirements for the project

High standards are a prerequisite for a luxury hotel and dining experience, any branded merchandise had to meet the same expectations.

They insisted on premium quality and competitive pricing to ensure they could guarantee products they could match their brand long-term. We understood their commitment to providing a remarkable experience for their guests and employees, and we were determined to meet their expectations on this partnership. 

With hotel brands like the renowned Edwardian Hotels London, Mayfair Hotel, and Radisson Edwardian under their umbrella, the branded merchandise needed to be aligned with their reputation for excellence. Each product had to be carefully crafted to order, requiring detailed designs and pre-production samples to ensure true quality control. Our goal was to ensure that once the initial order was successfully delivered, it could easily be repeated in the future.

Creating a full range of branded products

To guarantee customer satisfaction, we worked closely with the Edwardian Hotels team throughout the entire process including providing unique designs for each individual product from a large range. We provided them with product samples to review and approve before moving forward with bulk production. 

This collaborative approach allowed us to make any necessary adjustments and ensure that the final products exceeded their expectations for the final delivery. The design process was key to making sure items felt fully customisable and really felt and looked like a product of their brand. As such, it needed to reflect the quality and premium lifestyle that comes with staying at an Edwardian Hotel. 

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edwardian hotel brand

So, what was the outcome for Edwardian Hotels London?

We take great pride here at Zest Promotional in delivering exceptional products that align with our client’s needs. Our collaboration with Edwardian Hotels was a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver high-quality, bespoke products. We are honoured to be a part of their journey in providing an extraordinary experience for their guests and employees and showcasing their brand to the public. 

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