Qatar Airways Cargo: Golf Umbrellas For Events

Qatar Airways Logo 2006 presentCompany: Qatar Airways Cargo

Sector: Aviation/Transportation Industry

Product: Golf Umbrellas

Objective: Drive Awareness of Brand Through Quality Branded Products


Wallenborn Transports Branded Customised Golf Umbrellas

The background & overview

At Zest Promotional, we love it when our clients come back to us with new ideas and challenges to showcase their brand! That’s exactly what happened when Qatar Airways Cargo contacted us after receiving one of our golf umbrellas that we supplied to one of their partners, Wallenborn Transports, branded with their logo. We’ve been supplying Wallenborn for over 5 years with a customisable premium windproof double canopy that features their company truck fleet mascot, Wally, on the inside of the canopy. Qatar Airways were inspired by the use of this product and wanted their own to use for particular use cases and events. They envisaged this umbrella with an image of their planes with the company branded colours to showcase their brand to the public when out and about!

"Top service and a trusted supplier for promotional products. We loved these umbrellas for our events to showcase our brand".



Qatar Airways Branded Umbrella

Qatar Umbrella 2 


Key customer requirements for the project

It was key that we customised these umbrellas with the exact branded colours and imagery in the certain areas of the product so if felt like their own and represented the Qatar Airways brand down to a tee! The Qatar Airways team needed these umbrellas to be directly sent to their office in Holland near Schiphol airport from our factory in China. 

Once word spread across the Qatar Airways offices in Europe about the umbrellas, the order quantity was raised from 100 to 1000. It was great to hear the positive reactions from different teams towards the product design. One of the key requirements that was discussed was to ensure that this customisable umbrella could be eco-friendly to fulfil the brands sustainability promise by using 100% recycled post-consumer waste polyester. Providing sustainable and eco-friendly products is something we do for lots of other brands so this was very achievable. 

A slick & cohesive product design process 

The Zest Team started by creating a series of virtual artwork samples using the Qatar Airways brand guidelines and the client’s comments and requirements. We worked closely with the client, refining the details until they were happy with the final design. The image on the right was the final iteration from the one above which the Qatar Airways Team love! 

Our factory then created a physical product sample for client approval, which allowed us to accurately match the brand colours on the outside of the canopy and make sure the position of the mechanism in relation to the plane was just right for the Qatar Airways team. It also meant that this sample could be reviewed to see the quality of the fibre glass material that shows it is weatherproof and is easy to use with auto open and close mechanisms.

Our approach allowed us to accurately ensure no text was covered by the graphics and the customer was happy with the placement of imagery and logos. 

Qatar Airways Branded Umbrella Final
Qatar Umbrella

So, what was the outcome for the Qatar Airways team?

After product samples were approved, production was then completed just 2 weeks later, and the goods were shipped by train via China’s New Silk Road, arriving at the client’s office 6 weeks later. The Qatar Airways team were thrilled with the finished product, and we were happy to have delivered a product that met all their expectations. It’s great to hear how much use these umbrellas are getting to give exposure to the Qatar Airways Cargo brand. At Zest, we’re always up for a challenge, and we’re excited to see what our clients will come up with next!

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