CoppaFeel! Umbrellas For Events

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Company: CoppaFeel!

Sector: Charity

Products: Umbrellas & Boob Costume

Objective: Create an umbrella and a boob costume that looked like a breast to drive fundraising 


The background & overview

We love it when we have a project that makes a real difference to the world and that’s exactly what we found in CoppaFeel!. CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity based in London that is focused on promoting early detection of breast cancer by encouraging women under 30 to regularly check their breasts.

This was a project we felt incredibly passionate about. CoppaFeel! came to us with a unique request to design an umbrella which resembled a breast. The umbrella needed to stand out and be memorable to encourage sales and raise funds for the charity. We were up for the challenge and excited to work on this project to raise awareness of this campaign. 

"Zest Promotional were professional, approachable and great at delivering the products that we needed to make a standout awareness campaign for our charity."


The original concept the client sent us 


Zest Promotional’s Mock Up for the client




Key customer requirements for the project

At the beginning of the discussions with CoppaFeel! we received a basic concept of how the umbrella should look. This was developed into a more detailed design, which incorporated specific colour requirements and accurately depicted the look they needed. 

As part of this process samples were produced so that the quality of the mechanism could be tested and the accuracy of the colours could be checked.

These colour standards were a key part of the requirements as matching them would reflect the different skin tones, colours and diversity which the brand wants to represent for all women. 


Designing the umbrella 

As part of the design process to accurately create the umbrella products that matched what the client wanted we create several samples that could be applied to the colour standards. Two samples were made following this and the client decided to go for the 16 panel look as it felt more unique and it aligned to their vision. The feedback from the CoppaFeel team was that the umbrellas felt of very good quality and were true to the samples made during the design process. All in all, it was great to see the client was so happy with them and they felt they brought their vision to life for this campaign. 

coppafeel combined
coppafeel campaign

So, what was the outcome for the campaign and CoppaFeel!?

We are thrilled to have been able to work with CoppaFeel! on this unique and memorable project. We’re honoured to have contributed to their fundraising efforts and to help spread awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

The success of the boob umbrella led to a new enquiry, a request to recreate the iconic boob costumes that CoppaFeel! use for their PR and events. Our design and production teams worked hard to ensure the product would match the client’s expectations by sourcing materials from a sample of a previous order. This guaranteed that we would deliver the same high quality. We faced challenges caused by the COVID lockdowns, including having to source a new factory mid-production as our original factory was forced to close. 

Despite this, the new costumes were produced and delivered in plenty of time for CoppaFeel!’s opening event after the pandemic.

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