Promotional Eco Friendly Sticky Notes

  1. Recycled 105 x 75mm Sticky Notes ZP1330002

    Recycled 105 x 75mm Sticky Notes are an eco friendly product made from 50 sheets of 76gsm recycled...

    From£0.32 each

  2. Recycled 75 x 75mm Covered Sticky Note Books ZP1330005

    Recycled 75 x 75mm Covered Sticky Note Books contains 50 sheets of 80gsm white recycled paper with...

    From£0.60 each

  3. Recycled 100 x 75mm Covered Sticky Note Books ZP1330007

    Recycled 100 x 75mm Covered Sticky Note Books contains 50 sheets of 80gsm white recycled paper...

    From£0.74 each

  4. Recycled 127 x 75mm Covered Sticky Note Books ZP1330006

    Recycled 127 x 75mm Covered Sticky Note Books contains 50 sheets of 80gsm white recycled paper...

    From£0.93 each

Giveaway promotional eco-friendly sticky notes and save the environment!

To meet different promotional needs, customer type as well as financial resources, the market is filled with wide variety of promotional gifts. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours, they are crafted from a range of materials including ethically sourced renewable resources. Like conventional personalised business gifts, bio-degradable, organic corporate promotional gifts also boast of a massive appeal among the general public. From flashy customer gifts to practical and useful ones, recyclable gifts combine both form and functionality and are not only best suited for eco-friendly campaigns but for any kind of brand building events.

One such popular sustainable product is promotional sticky notes that feature a vast area for display. Offering use on a day to day basis and helping users from students to office employees to jot down, post or pass on important information, they have become one of the most widely used business gifts. Offering you with the opportunity to do your part for the environment as well as handout universally appealing gifts as your promotional tools, we have available a comprehensive selection of promotional eco-friendly sticky notes that is crafted from high quality recycled paper.

Over here at Zest Promotional, we stock all kinds of branded eco-friendly sticky notes that are very effective at developing awareness and traffic for your brand name. To fulfil the promotional criteria of both big and small businesses, we offer them in various dimensions including 105x75mm, 127x75mm and 75x75mm. Featuring adequate number of sheets including 50 or 100, they sport recycled card covers for printing your company name and corporate logo. Along with standard colours like white, you can also get these customer gifts in pink, yellow and blue.

Since they are used as a form of communication and get placed in direct view where they become visible to not only the recipient and other people, you need to customise them with eye-catching and creative designs. Take the help of our branding experts to customise these eco-friendly stick notes with logo and your company name printed on them in the best possible manner! With the aim to help our customers spice up their businesses, we offer all sorts of branding processes including litho printing on the covers and each single sheet. Most importantly, according to the description and design needs of our clients our team of logo designers carry out diverse artwork ranging from images to text on these popular marketing tools and turn them into unique corporate gift ideas.

By being passed from person to person, our printed eco-friendly sticky notes make wonderful promotional medium. Customised with your business details, not only the person writing his message will be looking at it, the person whose desk it is stuck on will also see it as well people working nearby. If you wish to learn more about our company, our recyclable products or services, you can contact our sales team anytime. Just give us a call at 0800 024 8461 or write to us at this email id