Java Whiskers: Branded Merchandise Line for Cafes

Java Whiskers Logo

Company: Java Whiskers

Sector: Charity & Cafes

Product: Branded Merchandise for sale in cafes

Objective: Create a range of merchandise to suit their clientele


Java Whiskers

The background & overview of the merchandise project

The Zest Promotional team love working with ambitious and determined clients who are passionate about what they do, and that’s exactly what we found in Java Whiskers! Java Whiskers is a premium cat café that derived from Sweden but they also have several locations in the UK. The brand not only serves up delicious coffee and treats but also rehomes cats, making it a true haven for cat lovers in the UK. Java Whiskers were looking for a reliable and UK-based supplier to create their branded merchandise, so they got in contact with us following a recommendation from one of our other clients Bauer Media. 

"The finished products accurately reflected the designs and the branding really stood out. They look co-ordinated with a theme now set to carry forward on other products. We have had 3 repeat orders and the products are now being stocked across multiple sites in London. Thank you Zest Promotional!"

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Key customer requirements for the project

The Java Whiskers company were keen to find a company that had the vision to support them with producing a whole product range of different branded merchandise to sell in their stores that could be a key revenue stream. It was important therefore that the sourcing, design and quality control of products was spot on to ensure that there were no major issues or flaws in the process that could dent this business opportunity for them. 

They also needed to ensure that a certain level of product supply could be adhered to and that new ideas were always there so that the merchandise line could be fresh, relevant and on-trend. During the decision-making and tender process, Java Whiskers required a pitch for the branded merchandise range. This included producing visual ideas of what the merchandise could look like and physical samples so they could gauge the level of detail and quality that they could expect from their dedicated supplier before making any long-term commitments. 

Creating the full merchandise range: The design process 

We pride ourselves here at Zest Promotional on the quality of our design process and unique collaboration with our clients to ensure branded products just work on every level. That’s why we knew Java Whiskers would be in safe hands. We set up daily calls with the whole project team to ensure the design iteration process could be ironed out following the approval of which products Java Whiskers wanted to go ahead with. Making effective and quick decisions is all down to having an honest and friendly collaborative partnership which can help speed up the process. 

Our team and graphic designer Claire are animal lovers who love cats so this was a project we thoroughly enjoyed creating ideas for. Claire specifically was highly enthusiastic about creating designs, themes and phrases that could all be used by Java Whiskers in the product range to give life to the brand. It was important the merchandise was not only functional and on-trend with current audiences but that it was fun and playful, just like Java Whiskers itself. 
Java Whiskers logos
java whiskers tops
java whiskers logo

So, what was the outcome for Java Whiskers? 

From the Zest Promotional design team to the account team, we are all hugely passionate about helping our clients to bring their vision to life, and we’re thrilled to have achieved what Java Whiskers set out to do with their new merchandise line. We’re excited to continue working with them and helping them keep their merchandise offerings fresh and exciting for their customers. Check out our website for more case studies and to see how we can help you find the perfect promotional products for your needs.

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