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Contigo: Branded Drinkware

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Whether you are a growing company looking for quality and stylish custom drinkware, or an established brand looking for the perfect eco-friendly products branded with your logo, our partner brand Contigo has your needs covered. If you are looking for custom drinkware that makes a great corporate gift and is available in many slick styles, then these branded drinkware products will definitely do the job. Everyday life is more manageable, and better, with a custom Contigo drinkware travel cup or bottle. Available in a variety of different colours and sizes, we offer a great selection of stylish drinkware products that can promote your brand around the clock. These innovative single-use drinkware products are ideal for your clients, employees and event giveaways.

About Contigo

Contigo’s journey all started with the challenge of resolving the issue of spilt drinks. The first product was a coffee cup that was devised to avoid pouring hot coffee all over yourself or on other objects. Contigo’s extensive technology in this space has evolved and been patented under the term “Auto seal” to solve the issue of lids not closing on bottles or cups properly.

The focus is on the fact that Contigo drinkware may just be a minor detail in your day, but it can mean the difference between a good and a great day. That is the difference Contigo aims to achieve with their highly practical drinkware. With that idea, it’s all about how these products are more than just water bottles or travel mugs. With smart, intuitive designs and innovative technologies, Contigo is on a mission to create products that make your everyday life easier, more convenient and safer. At Contigo, they are building smart products that are elegantly designed and easy to use. Engineered with you in mind, the durable, leak-proof bottles and mugs will keep your drinks hot or cold regardless of what they’re filled with. Contigo is a dedicated team of designers and engineers with a passion for creating simple-to-use, reliable drinkware products.

 Why Choose Contigo Products?

 Contigo is functional drinkware that makes every day easier and more convenient. If you’re looking for the most practical drinkware gifts for your customers or employees, then Contigo is it! If your customers are always on the go then these travel bottles or cups will make their life easier and more convenient by avoiding any mishaps with spillages ever again. The auto-spill technology will make sure that every journey goes without any spilt coffee or tea! From sipping coffee first thing in the morning to needing to quench your thirst with water breaks, this collection of travel mugs and cups is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring all-day convenience and style.

When it comes to why people choose customisable Contigo drinkware products, here are some of the key reasons:

  • Accessible & Spill-Proof: Enjoy your favourite beverages while on the go with Contigo’s thermo cup. The removable lid gives you access to your drink, while the soft flex grip makes it easy to hold onto even when you’re travelling. And with its clever lid closure, you can be sure that no drinks will spill or leak in your bag, backpack or purse.
  • Stylish Drinkware: Contigo drinkware is smart, stylish and innovative as the person using it. The smart designs feature BPA-free products that are easy to carry and use for a variety of drinks of choice. Not just practical but good-looking mugs too!
  • Durable & High-Quality Insulation: Contigo is built with a durable stainless-steel exterior to ensure that your bottles are built to last, just like the brand itself. The insulated lid fits tightly against the cup to keep heat in and the double wall insulation keeps your drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold for up to 15 hours.
  • Functional: Contigo mugs and bottles offer the perfect combination of style and functionality. Suitable for hot and cold beverages, their products are made from top-quality, heat-resistant stainless steel with a scratch-resistant finish. It has a simple one-button operation that makes it easy to use, simply press to drink or release on the go. The lid mechanism allows you to sip without worrying about spills thanks to its spill-proof technology and its leak-proof lock that ensures no spillages when closed.
  • Trusted brand: Contigo is a trusted brand that has thousands of five-star reviews. The most common praise they receive is how easy it is to clean, how hygienic their products are, and how eco-friendly they are.

Contigo Branded Drinkware: Use Cases

Contigo has an extensive range of drinkware solutions to suit every lifestyle. We have solutions for commuters, travellers, athletes, professionals and anyone in between. No matter who you are or what you do each day, Contigo products have drinkware options to meet your needs. Contigo travel mugs and water bottles are perfect for gift giveaways for events, direct marketing campaigns and as welcome gifts to new starters at your workplace. Over the years, Contigo has been developing the perfect mug that lets you get the most out of life’s busy days. Because they are so versatile if your clients are always on the go and travelling often then these travel cups are perfect for storing their drink of choice!

Branding Options for Contigo Drinkware

Printing and laser engraving are the branding options for drinkware by Contigo. Plastic models will only offer printing, whereas metal models will offer printing and laser engraving however engraving is the preferred option on metal. Each product page will detail the available branding methods, positions, and areas, and careful consideration should be given to the placement in relation to the brand logo.

When submitting your inquiry, please attach your logo for assessment by our experienced team. We will advise on the optimal placement or follow your instructions. Virtual samples will be provided to help you visualize the final product.

How to choose the right Contigo product

If you’re looking for custom Contigo drinkware or highly practical drinkware that can be branded to your requirements, then Zest Promotional is here to help! We offer efficient lead times and can provide high-quality co-branded products, so your logo looks great alongside the Contigo brand. We can help your vision of getting your brand noticed on these unique products, so your next campaign meets your goals! Take a look around our site or if you have any questions then contact the team of experts here at Zest Promotional on live chat or via our contact page.

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