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Parker pens with logo – The definitive marketing tool!

The success of a business depends significantly on a proper advertising strategy. Suitable advertising techniques need to be applied for highlighting the products and services of a business and to create a brand name in the market. One such strategy is to distribute practical items such as pens, mugs, key rings, etc. imprinted with the company name and corporate logo over the body of these items. Although all of these essential items make good gifts for promoting your company, none can match the fine craftsmanship and excellence of promotional Parker pens.

Founded by George Sanford Parker in 1888, the Parker Pen Company is an established pen maker with more than a hundred years experience in making quality pens. Pens from this very popular pen brand are still used by many worldwide because of the smooth and enjoyable writing experience that they offer. Standing for quality, luxury, elegance, and style, Parker pens are among the most fashionable pens in the market. Being associated with such a brand – which has the power to create an image of goodwill and class – is a very effective way to build brand credibility.

Even though these pens are slightly costlier than ordinary pens, they offer several advantages. Depending on your promotional needs, savvy Parker pens with logo and business messages printed on them are the most suitable tool of advertisement especially if your target market is the corporate world. Besides impressing your high-end clients with the class and reliability of a Parker pen, you can be rest assured that these pens will always be used by your clients and will keep reminding them of your products and services for many years to come! Since most of these Parker pens are refillable, your gift will never be discarded and will continue to promote your product for a very long time to come.

Apart from branded Parker pens being highly suitable as a corporate gift for business executives and individuals occupying important positions in a corporate setup due to their refined look, these pens offer a smooth and precise writing experience as well, making them perfect for any occasion! The use and refined quality of these pens are not merely limited to business executives and working professionals but can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to enjoy a great writing experience.

The well-known name of Parker is enough to make these pens much-loved among your gift recipients. Therefore, giving away Parker pens with logo and business messages printed on them at tradeshows, seminars, exhibitions and conferences can generate enormous curiosity among a large section of people about your company, which is giving away such a high quality corporate gift.

We offer a vast selection of promotional Parker pens to meet the varied advertising needs of businesses. Manufactured from the best raw materials, these pens make highly long-lasting and robust business gifts. Providing a look and feel of class, sophistication and excellence these high grade executive business gifts come in four popular Parker colours: red, white, black and blue. At Zest Promotional, choose from three styles of Parker pens, which include a fountain pen as well. Depending on your promotional needs, you can market your brand with branded Parker pens in the finish and style of your liking. Giving away these branded goods as gifts can help enhance the brand visibility and status of your company.

Included in our wide array of Parker pens is a moderately priced collection of Jotter and Vector rollerball and ballpoint pens. Boasting of fine engineering and craftsmanship, they provide a smooth writing experience. Printed Parker pens under these two ranges are available in plastic or stainless steel finishes. Representing fun and functionality, the Jotter line is ideal for writers who require pens wherever they go. Featuring the classic Parker clip as well as a sleek and smooth design, their ballpoint nib offers unmatched durability and convenience of use. Providing a consistent and smooth flowing writing experience, the Vector range is suitable for use by both students and professionals. Sporting the famous Parker Arrow clip and basic cylindrical shape, Vector pens offer perfect control and balance for all kinds of drawing and writing.

The pen collection that blends the traditional with a bold and modern style is the Urban collection of Parker pens. Sporting the ergonomic curved design, every pen in this range has a remarkable finish which matches its heavy, bullet-shaped barrel. Parker Urban comprises a very contemporary range of several different and diverse types of models that are meant to amuse and astonish.

Introduced in 1993, the Sonnet line is aimed at young working professionals due to its modern look and feel. Exuding elegance and everlasting appeal, Sonnet pens are assembled by hand and undergo rigorous quality checks to produce a work of beauty, symbolic of Parker’s excellence and workmanship. In addition to their stylish and classic designs, their solid pen nib gives high accuracy and exceptional writing comfort for every occasion!

Offering a successful blend of classic and modern styles, the IM range is known for its focus on high-performance functionality, simplicity and comfort. Along with the appeal of an all-metal design, a tapered shape and meticulous finish makes these pens a smart choice for young and fashionable people! Featuring the finest grade of chrome and lacquer finishes with the barrel in black, blue, white, gun metal or silver options, every Parker IM ballpoint pen, rollerball or fountain pen combines ease, clean lines and user friendliness for an excellent writing experience.

If you are looking for something exclusive as well as different, try our Parker Urban Premium Parker 5th Pens – pens which redefine the rules of writing in this digital age. These pens are so named because they utilise the most advanced writing technology, a result of extensive research and experimentation, to produce one of the most advanced pens in the world! Unlike the fine writing experience provided by other classic Parker pens, the fifth way of writing is a blend of all the advantages that the Parker brand is best known for in their quest to provide you with a smooth, clean and dependable writing instrument. The result of this revolutionary innovation is an effortlessly smooth and fluid writing feeling that easily adjusts to all kinds of writing styles! Available in black or metal with a lacquered or chiselled finish, these pens are excellent promotional choices for high end clients and executives.

All of these pens come in attractively packaged Parker branded cases which are ideal for making a solid impression among your high-profile clientele. Presenting branded pens in attractive presentation cases is a great way of showing how valuable your customers are to your business!

Promote your business with our wide selection of branded Parker pens by having them customised with your logo and brand name. To make a favourable and long lasting impression on your customers or business associates, personalise these corporate gifts in the most attractive and eye-catching manner so your promotional message is prominently displayed on these logo gifts. Our in-house team of branding specialists can skilfully help you reproduce your business message for optimal display over these branded pens, ensuring that our personalised Parker pens give a boost to your brand image for many years to come!

Take the help and advice of our dedicated sales or watch the video available on our website in order to choose the right kind of promotional Parker pens that meets your complete promotional requirements. Email us at or call us at 0161 672 5804 for more information.

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