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Widen your customer base with Waterman pens with logo and business messages printed on them!

Pens from the Waterman brand are considered to be among the most dependable office pens in the world! Made with highly developed technological accuracy, Waterman pens are highly sought after as they offer an ideal weight balance and a very good grip. At the same time, the smooth and clear ink colour further enhances the writing experience offered by the writing instruments from this reputed brand. Extremely durable, Waterman pens always have a refined style and feel to them. These pens are prized for the flexibility and smoothness offered by their well-engineered nibs.

Headquartered in Paris, the Waterman brand was founded in 1884 in New York by Lewis Edson Waterman. The current owner of this globally recognised fountain pen company is Newell Rubbermaid. Being one of the oldest fountain pen companies, it is still a major manufacturer of fountain pens worldwide. Here are some distinct features of these pens:
• Their pens feature rhodium-plated solid gold nibs with leak-proof joints so you do not have to worry about ink leaking onto your hand.
• Their well-crafted nibs provide a smooth and continuous writing experience unparalleled in quality and class.

Top quality branded pens from the Waterman collection make great corporate gifts for business partners and business executives. Etching your corporate logo and company name on the face of the pen makes it a singular and helpful marketing tool whenever the pen is used by professionals in their everyday corporate life. These stylish and versatile business gifts to promote your company suit all kinds of businesses.

Waterman pens are extremely effective as corporate gifts personalised with your logo to show your appreciation for your high profile clients. Writing instruments from this world famous brand serve as great gifts for both you and your clients. Your clients will use these pens every day for writing and signing their official documents. Gifting promotional Waterman pens is essential for the growth and success of your business, particularly if you want to create a good impression of your business among your target market.

With the goal to improve your brand value and business sales, we offer the following collections of promotional Waterman pens as corporate gifts at Zest Promotional! These exclusive Waterman pen collections are – the Graduate, the Expert, the Hemisphere and Carene. Crafted from premium quality materials with superior craftsmanship, Waterman pens are well priced, long lasting gifts. Browse through our different and diverse collection of branded Waterman pens to choose the ones that fulfil your entire business marketing needs according to your marketing budget.

Offered in rollerball, fountain and ballpoint pen options, the Graduate series is ideal for use on a daily basis as well as for presenting on special occasions. Although these pens are traditionally designed, they sport a very modern and contemporary look. While many of the Graduate pens sport a stainless steel finish, you can also get your ballpoint or rollerball pen in a bright chrome body finish. Along with standard blue ink, these pens are also available in alternative ink colour choices.

The Carene collection is considered to be the most distinguished among the wide range of stylishly crafted promotional Waterman pens. Your clients will simply love the stylish and fine shiny finish of pens from the Carene line. Boasting of a dazzling blue or black glossed barrel and silver-plated trims, the Carene range of ball-point, fountain and roller-ball pens radiate a fresh and contemporary appearance. If you like the smoothness and flexibility of fountain pens, take a look at Waterman Carene Fountain pens, which feature an 18-carat solid gold rhodium plated nib.

The Expert range of Waterman pens with logo and business details printed on them combines both classic styling and modernity. This range of ballpoint, fountain and roller-ball pens is perfect for expressing yourself on paper. Sporting a lacquer or stainless steel finish and gold or chrome trim design features, the combination of bold colours and a traditional pen design has led to the creation of the ultimate in urbane business style with a highly personalised touch. Rooted in fine detailing and craftsmanship, these pens feature double rings and a classy black finish, a symbol of the brand’s ingenuity and cleverness.

The collection that best reflects superior workmanship and stylishness is the Hemisphere collection. The new range of Waterman pens under the Hemisphere Essential brand name are highly sought after. Available in either a matte finish black or steel chrome trim design, these pens are ideal for large barrel printing or emblem marking options on the pen’s crown. Even the signature collection of Waterman Hemisphere Mechanical Pencils combines both form and function in its pure and timeless pencil design. Possessing a natural and sophisticated finish, the pencils not only offer smooth performance but add a discreet and professional touch to the user’s handwriting.

Many of our pens come in attractive and branded Waterman cases so you can leave a positive impression while presenting these executive business gifts to your high-profile business clients or partners.

If you are thinking of using branded Waterman pens as corporate gifts, you need to make them unique and distinctive so that your receivers will treasure and cherish them for a very long time. To make these business gifts eye-catching and appealing to your target customers, we provide the widest variety of branding options to help you personalise them with your logo and brand name. Our team of skilled logo designers can reproduce your business information for prominent demonstration over the large branding area with greater attention to detail, maximizing your brand’s visibility! Customised with your business message, these highly personalised corporate logo pen gifts are ideal for promoting your products and services and building your brand’s image.

For further details about our branded Waterman pens and the various logo designing options offered by us, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional now! Contact us at 0161 672 5804 or email us at to know more.

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