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Promotional chalk mugs with your branded message

For something unique, consider our Chalk Mugs for your next marketing campaign. Finished with blackboard paint, they can be written on and personalised by employees and customers alike. Adding your logo also helps to boost brand awareness and strengthen your current marketing campaign. Shop the range online here today.

Printed Mugs are a practical way of reinforcing the brand that you've spent so long developing. In particular, our Chalk Mugs offer a unique edge to your promotional activity, allowing customers and employees to personalise theirs easily.

Each one has a chalkboard or blackboard finish that can be written on using traditional chalks in all different colours. For branded needs, we print your company logo or marketing message on to the body too.

Hand out to your employees to help boost morale, include in customer goodie bags or simply have to hand when guests arrive. The new owners can write on their own mug, make reminders, jot down messages or simply mark their new coffee cup with their own name. This allows your brand to sit in the centre of their every day and creates a novelty product they're sure to show off to their friends.

When it comes to putting your brand ahead of the competition, a unique product is key. That's where these Printed Mugs come into play and why they continue to be such a popular choice within our online range.

We also have a collection of Branded Pencil Cases that can also be printed with your corporate logo, colours or specified image. Shop for the perfect promotional items online today.

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