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Distribute stylish and functional eco friendly coasters with logo to all your prospects!

Apart from distributing conventional promotional gifts like pens, pencils, mugs and tumblers, company gifts made from recyclable materials are also much sought after by the general public. Organic and ethically sourced promotional gifts are widely distributed at seminars, conferences, corporate events and so on. This is because, by using bio-degradable customer gifts, gift recipients feel that they are doing their bit to save the environment. Companies also end up building a high perception value by employing sustainable products as promotional gifts.

Our company specialises in offering top quality branded eco-friendly coasters as business promotional gifts. Our best selling printed coasters are made from 100% recycled materials. Reasonably priced, these coasters come in different shapes and sizes including round and square. In addition to standard white, our promotional eco-friendly coasters are also available in myriad interesting shades including Red, Blue, Black, Green and Yellow. While some of the environment friendly materials used in the making of these gifts including plastics, paper and tyres, we also specialise in recycled coasters made from CD cases! With their attention grabbing designs and colours, our corporate gifts are perfect for building your consumer base!

We offer all kinds of help including litho printing, full colour printing and spot printing when it comes to various branding methods. Depending on your business gifting needs, you can have our branding specialists turned these corporate logo gifts into the perfect logo gifts for all your new and old customers. We take great care to use branding methods to ensure that you get extraordinary colour reproduction on these everyday items!

We have a dedicated sales team whom you can get in touch by calling 0800 024 8461 or sending an email to for all your promotional needs about our products made from renewable resources.

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