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Protect your card from scammers with a RFID-blocking card or wallet.

Many Credit and Debit card have a RFID chip in them which allows contactless payments. However, someone can easy scan your card without you even knowing. We offer a range of products that can offer protection from illegal scans and can be branded with your corporate logo.

A Branded RFID Card Protector are an cost effective and stylish way to protect the personal security of your staff and clients. We have a range of products that offer protection from scammers trying to illegal scan your debit and credit cards.

Contactless payments are fast becoming the chosen payment methods for millions of people, its a quick and easy way to make payments.  However the cards use a RFID signal which is like a radiowave which can easily be picked up by a scanning device.

Promotional RFID blocker can protect your card details and promote your brand at the same time – many of the blockers have a large branding area which can be used for your company logo or branding message.

All over the internet there are various articles and video explain how RFID Skimming works – RFID skimming is a method to unlawfully obtain someones payment card information. The scammer can use any card reading device to get the card details and use it to make payments on line.  The Customer Watchdog Which? did an experiment where it managed to use the card details to make purchase online for more than £3,000.

Take a look at the range of printed RFID protection product that we offer and get in touch if you would like some more information or other options.

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