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Build a solid brand foundation with our promotional stress toys!

Promotional stress toys are the perfect business promotional gifts because they provide a fun element to your marketing campaigns while offering much-needed health benefits for today’s fitness conscious individuals. If you are looking for the best and right personalised business gifts to add that extra vitality to your marketing campaign, consider our wide range of printed stress toys on offer at Zest Promotional today!

Explore our assortment of branded stress toys, which come in different shapes, sizes, colours and specifications and select the ones that match your brand image as well as fulfil your promotional requirements best. Suitable for distribution among all categories of people from customers to employees to business partners, our high quality printed stress toys are reasonably priced, multi-functional and long-lasting promotional products.

Body Stress Toys

Designed especially for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, our collection of promotional body stress toys is one of our many values for money promotional gifts. Check out the different human organ and body shaped stress toys available in this category, ranging from heart to lung to eyes and many more designs available on our website/p>

Stress Balls

Included in our collection of stress toys with your logo is our range of stress balls that come in 50mm, 76mm and 70mm sizes. Made from top quality PU foam, they are presented with a high gloss finish to impart a shine to your brand image and promotional campaigns. Depending on your gifting needs, you can opt for stress relievers in colourful smiley shapes, plain designs or ones with funny faces.

Stress Toy Characters

Made from the best materials, our character-based stress toys are guaranteed to attract both adults and kids due to their innovative and attention-grabbing shapes. Suitable for use at all kinds of promotional events, take a look at the various characters we have available such as superheroes, nurses, doctors, dinosaurs and dragons.

Music and Film Stress Toys

Equally noteworthy and attention-grabbing is our carefully selected range of promotional music and film stress toys. Affordably priced, these are low-cost theme-based stress relievers that come in different shapes and sizes.

Military Stress Toys

Apt and popular for recruitment drives for any military-based campaign, our range of printed military stress toys is another of our affordable promotional business gifts. Crafted from top quality materials, these stress toys are available in all kinds of popular military inspired shapes.

Food and Drink Stress Toys

Designed as popular food and drink items, our exclusive selection of promotional food and drink-related stress relievers are an excellent way of sharing your business message at grocery stores, supermarkets and other promotional locations.

Sports Stress Toys

Perfect for brand promotion at sports events, we specialise in providing a wide array of sports-related promotional stress toys. Whether it is tennis, golf, cricket or any other sports discipline, we have them all!

Finance Stress Toys

Perfect for construction companies, builders, merchants, manufacturers and showroom owners, our comprehensive range of finance-related branded stress toys make excellent corporate logo gifts – without breaking the bank!

Animal Stress Toys

Our animal-inspired stress relievers also make exceptional promotional business gifts. Available in varying adorable animal figures and printed with your company name and logo, these toys are bound to strike a chord with your target market.

Transport Stress Toys

Take a look at our transport-related stress toys with your logo that come in an assortment of shapes, specifications and sizes. Besides keeping stress levels in check, they make great toys for children to play with as well!

Stress Toy Shapes

We also specialise in providing attention-grabbing and innovative stress toys shapes ranging from stars to books to pyramids and cubes.

Medical Stress Toys

Extremely suitable for the medical industry, our exclusive collection of promotional medical stress toys come in interesting shapes and sizes and are ideal for any medical-related promotional campaign.

Seasonal Stress Toys

Our company also specialise in offering all kinds of customisable stress toys for festive celebrations including Christmas and Easter.

Construction Stress Toys

Designed especially for use by the construction industry, this range of promotional gifts is ideal for long term advertising exposure for your business.

Building Stress Toys

Apt for the construction and building trade, our selection of building stress toys come in many relevant designs. Cast a glance at the various shapes we have on offer ranging from huts to igloo to lighthouses!

Electronic Stress Toys

Our extensive range of promotional electronic stress toys offers novelty and uniqueness to your marketing campaign. Offered in interesting shapes like mobile phones, computers, photocopiers and many more appliances, these promotional products are apt for attracting business for energy providers and electrical stores.

Emergency Services Stress Toys

Here at Zest Promotional, we also specialise in offering emergency services related promotional stress toys at some of the best possible prices. These are perfect for use at during open days, drill practices and governmental campaigns.

Environment Stress Toys

Perfect for showcasing your concern for the environment, our range of branded environment stress toys are great for any kind of eco-friendly themed campaign.

Games Stress Toys

If you want to impart a fun element to your promotional campaign, make our games related branded stress toys a part of your marketing strategy.

Household Stress Toys

These toys are constructed to leave a positive impression is our array of household stress toys that will attract new and old customers with their unique designs. Apart from helping your users to relieve their stress, they also make great mobile phone holders!

Stress Toy Keyrings

Extremely versatile and durable, our collection of stress toy keyrings is the perfect promotional gifts for all sections of society and come in a wide variety of designs and colours.

Space Stress Toys

Explore our space-related printed stress toys, which are not only eye-catching but extremely effective building brand awareness.

Travel Stress Toys

We also offer promotional travel stress toys for all kinds of promotional events. Available in various popular modes of transport, these low-cost promotional gifts are ideal for garages, logistic companies and showrooms.

To make sure that your brand name, logo or promotional message is visible to new and old customers, our logo designers can personalise these fun and handy corporate logo gifts according to your descriptions and requirements. By employing the best personalisation methods including full-colour printing, our experienced branding specialists will turn these stress toys into valuable promotional tools featuring your company logo, artwork, image or text.

Take the help of our sales team if you need any kind of help and advice on picking up any stress toys with your logo and business details on them. Our well-trained team can help you with all kinds of information and branding processes. You can email us at or call us at 0800 024 8461.

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