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Reach Out To Clients And Employees In An Emergency With These Promotional First Aid Kits

Reach into the hearts of your clients, customers and employees with gifts that they use in an emergency. Presenting promotional gifts to business associates and employees is one the best methods of effective advertising. Promotional first aid kits have a proven track record of enhancing a company’s brand over and over again because of their great usefulness and high value.

We understand what your company needs for its trustworthy and long term clients and dedicated employees. Our range includes a wide array of first aid kits categorized in three main sizes – small, medium and large, depending on the number of medical items and equipments the kit holds. Some of these kits come in a simple white container, while some in zippered and brightly coloured nylon pouches, waist bags, pocket cases and plastic cases. Most kits contain an assortment of pills, bandages, cotton rolls, fasteners, scissors, tapes, antiseptic lotion, etc. that are need during most common accidents and emergencies. All of these kits are designed with a high-quality closure to make them portable and ideal for travelling.

A promotional first aid kit is obviously much more than just a promotional item because it carries a message about a company apart from its business information. But as customization is very essential for brand marketing, so we provide a generous imprint area on all our pouches, cases and containers to give maximum brand visibility to your company.

If you would like advice on which promotional first aid kit is the best for your trustworthy clients, dedicated employees and promotional purposes, or need help in designing your logo or artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461or email us at today! We will be happy to enhance your business’ long term brand equity with our promotional first aid kits.

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