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Keep Your Clients Warmed Up This Winter with Promotional Hand Warmers Branded With Your Logo

One of the key attributes of a successful promotional gift is practicality. In the cold winter months when promotional events are still held, it shows thought for your customers well being to give them a hand warmer. Not only can they be used during the event but they'll be taken home and re-used over and over again.

At the size of the palm, they have two sides on which to brand your artwork and are available in a range of colours. If you are having an outdoor event, winter sporting activity, or expecting your clients to travel somewhere cold then promotional hand warmers are an ideal promotional gift.

Promotional gifts work best when they suit a prospects or clients needs at the time of making a decision or during a marketing event, have a generous branding area that can be clearly seen when the product is being used and will be used many times after the initial use.

Branded hand warmers meet all of these criteria. Alternatively if you are looking for promotional hot and cold packs that are activated in the microwave for heat or the freezer for cold, please click here.

If you would like advise or guidance on which promotional hand warmers are best for your marketing needs, or would like help in designing your artwork, please call our friendly sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email

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