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Use promotional golf umbrellas to get your brand seen by many people!

Business promotions and advertising on golf courses through widely in demand golf accessories are considered to be a very efficient and cost effective method of brand advertising. They help to build long lasting and maximum brand exposure for your company and your varied offerings. However, a golf umbrella is an article that is far more efficient in carrying your promotional message and advertising your company and your products or services than most other products. Available in varied sizes, golf umbrellas are an indispensable part of any golf game. They not only protect fans and golfers from the sun and rain but bring the golf course to life with their myriad patterns and colours. Most importantly, they provide massive (and perhaps the most visible) advertising space for brand building on and off the golf course!

The use of branded golf umbrellas has been an effective marketing tactic for a long time. They have been used to widen a company’s consumer base by attracting new customers while retaining the old ones. Printed golf umbrellas are a simple yet wonderful idea as business gifts for your business associates, clients, employees or customers.

Business executives who network at golf tournaments, golf courses and business meetings can strengthen their businesses with the wide selection of smart, colourful and trendy promotional golf umbrellas on offer at Zest Promotional. Many of our umbrellas are made from durable and robust fibreglass materials that enable them to withstand high winds. As a result, they do not break easily due to their strong and firm fibreglass frames while being light in weight at the same time.

Our personalised golf umbrellas are a most sought after item at many golf outings and charity events. Our range of Bacup Promotional Golf Umbrellas is ideal for promotional events where a budget printed golf umbrella is needed. Similarly, our Corporate Supervent Golf Umbrellas and Corporate Promotional Golf Umbrellas are very suitable for wooing customers on golf courses. For businesses with smaller budgets, we offer the widest range of pocket friendly golf umbrellas with logo printing options as company gifts. With a large printing area on offer, explore our collection of vented or windproof golf umbrellas under our ‘Budget’ range to find the umbrella that suits your needs best.

Apart from golf umbrellas in conventional 75cm measurements, we also offer large sized golf umbrellas with logo printing options at reasonable rates. Offered with an 86cm fibreglass frame construction, our collection of large golf umbrellas (under the Susino Fibreplus brand name) is an excellent choice for gifting to families. Other value for money golf umbrellas from the Susino brand includes our collection of Susino Value Golf Umbrellas, which are extremely robust and flexible. They are not only easy to hold and carry but provide optimal performance during gusty weather conditions.

Somewhat smaller in size than a standard golf umbrella, our special Sheffield Sports Ladies Golf Umbrellas are an excellent business gift option for your women customers. The small and compact size of these umbrellas ensures ease of use and portability for its users. Also on offer under the Sheffield Sports range are golf umbrellas that feature a double canopy design, which allows for added customisation work on the underside of the canopy.

Depending on your promotional requirements, golf umbrellas from the ProBrella brand are also an excellent choice – especially our assortment of ProBrella Fibreglass Vented Golf Umbrellas which are part of our premium collection of umbrellas. Designed with a special twin polyester vented canopy, these umbrellas allow air to escape rather than being ensnared in the umbrella, making them ideal for strong wind conditions.

If you are in need of a low cost golf umbrella with an automatic opening system, we have a wide selection of moderately priced branded golf umbrellas which come with an automatic opening system. Made from polyester or nylon materials of varying grades, these umbrellas come in a myriad of standard as well as alternative colour options. The 8 panel canopy of these golf umbrellas come in varied dimensions, while the use of a metal frame and a foam or wood handle give users an easy and comfortable umbrella experience.

Apart from the automatic opening feature, some of these golf umbrellas (especially our exclusive collection of Barking Auto Open and Close Golf Umbrellas) sport a silver coloured inside and a triangular handle for easy hanging. Our company also specialises in automatically opening golf umbrellas featuring vents and frames made from lightweight fibreglass materials.

To ensure maximum visibility for your customers during traffic and dark stormy nights, we also provide golf umbrellas with reflective edge detailing. To know more, simply take a look at our Barnes Golf Umbrella with Reflective Edging. Crafted from strong and durable nylon fabrics and offered in 5 standard shades, this umbrella comes with an 8 panel canopy and features a fibreglass shaft and ribs for resilience and stability, a rubber handle with silver trim, and a Velcro fastener for added convenience!

Golf umbrellas with logo printing options are no longer simple looking large umbrellas with letters printed on them. You can now get them customised with the latest imprinting methods. To do this, have our team of logo designers personalise these business gifts with your logo and company name in order to turn them into successful promotional tools for your marketing drives. Using the best imprinting techniques, our designers will create innovative and novel logo designs for your gifts to maximise your brand visibility.

Your receivers will be highly thrilled to receive such practical customer gifts branded with your company logo. Easy to carry around and handy on a regular basis, your customers will always remain protected from rain, wind and sun if they have these handy company gifts personalised with your business message nearby them, giving your business years of advertising exposure!

With a large branding area that allows you to display a large brand identity in a wide array of striking and smart colour combinations, our wide selection of branded golf umbrellas will really help to make your promotion stand out from the crowd!

For help and advice on choosing the best promotional golf umbrellas that suit your business needs, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional today! Call us on 0161 672 5804 or email us at to know more.

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