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Handout colourful promotional lanyards and improve your business sales!

Promotional lanyards are one of the very few promotional business gifts that are very effective as a constant reminder of your company. Besides being attractive and handy, these simple promotional tools heighten your brand name because people own them and wear them on a daily basis. Being tremendously affordable, printed lanyards are inexpensive corporate gifts that can fit all kinds of business budgets. Both your old and new customers will be happy to receive these practical customer gifts that they can use to carry their IDs, keys, access fops and USB drives. Since these items are continually on display, your company name will sink into the minds of people over time, making them a great promotional gift.

Our promotional lanyards also make excellent employee gifts and you can distribute them to your employees so they can wear their identification cards with your business details printed on these company gifts. Offering dual use, they are highly successful at marketing your business while exhibitingemployee details and augmenting better security. Whenever your lanyards are seen by anyone, your spectators will be able to immediately identify your company. Most importantly, in comparison to other flashy promotional gifts, these promotional items can be kept by your customers for years andcanbe used to keep keys and other valuable items.Additionally, they can be made with the most colourful and eye catching designs that will truly represent your company in the best possible manner!

To help you to make a long lasting mark on your target audience, we have a range of promotional lanyards available that make great cost effective promotional business gifts. Made from the finest quality fabrics including normal polyester and polyester satin ribbon, these lanyards are available in a variety of colour options including standard corporate colours as well! Our printed lanyards are long lasting as well asdurable customer gifts. We have carefully selected these promotional tools to match and fulfil all kinds of budgets and promotional needs.

Included in our wide array of branded lanyards are top of the line promotional clear lanyard pouches. Available in landscape or portrait format, these business promotional gifts are perfect for carrying passes or ID cards and can be used at corporate events, seminars, exhibitions and conferences. Get these plain and clear lanyards with your logo and business details printed on them. In addition, theycan also be supplied with safety pins at an additional cost. In landscape format they measure 96x82mm, and in portrait they have dimensions of 66x112mm.

Our company also specialises in offering the BIC line of four colours ballpoint pens with branded lanyards. Featuring a 1.0mm point size, eachretractable four colours BIC ballpoint pen comes with a hole on the top for threading through a lanyard or strap. Whether it is the regular size or the mini version of BIC pens, these logo gifts are available in standard, black, white and navy options. These refillable penscome with standard ink colours ofblue, red, green and black. With printing areas available on the pen’s barrel, we also provide clients with the option of a lanyard free pen.

At Zest Promotional, we have an extensive selection of woven branded lanyards on offer as well. These business gifts are perfect for high flying business executives, to make a positive impression with your business clients, or to provide a professional image to your company. Offered in an assortment of sizes including 15mm, 20mm and 25mm, we offer these lanyards in every possible colour. According to your business gifting needs, your logo or company name can bejacquard woven into the lanyard for an amazing finish. Equally impressive is our range of dye sublimation lanyards, which enable photographic imaging and artwork on the soft and smooth polyester with silk material.

Our comprehensive collection of branded lanyards also boasts of tubular polyester lanyards that are well priced and are available in a wide range of colours. Our ribbon printed lanyards, which come with a standard swivel hook attachment, also make great cost effective customer gifts that offer immediate visibility with printing on both sides for added effect. Crafted from different materials, our variety of flat polyester lanyards are ideal for distribution at conferences, exhibitions, seminars and various other brand promotion events.

Depending on the use they are put to by your gift recipients, all our printed lanyards are supplied with standard attachments including a trigger clip, dog clip and metal or plastic crocodile clip as well as a range of other user friendly fitting options such as phone holders, split rings, ski pass holders and heavy duty clips.Most importantly, we also specialise in lanyards crafted from different materials including flat polyester, dye sublimation and executive woven which are available in standard or 5 day express lead times.

In order to experience success with these popular promotional gifts, you need to make them as visually appealing as possible to ensure that your customers use them on a daily basis. They need to be imprinted with stylish and attractive images, artwork and graphics. To ensure that your business name and corporate logo is attractively displayed, we make use of the latest and best in branding processes including screen printing, rotary printing and dye sublimation.

Whatever your description and printing requirements maybe, our team of skilled branding specialists can help you customise these corporate logo gifts with great care and precision. For added effect as well as to make sure that your business details, logo and contact information are prominently visible we also provide branding options on both sides as well. We can even match the material with our selection of more than 200 pantone colours! At an additional cost, you can also have these gifts beautifully packaged in attractive gift boxes to impress your clients and customers with your thoughtfulness, ensuring that they appreciate your company’s products and services every time they use these lanyards. Safety breaks are also available at an added cost for quick and easy release.

For additional information and suggestions about our branded lanyards and the various branding options offered by us, get in touch with our sales team at Zest Promotional today! Contact us at 0800 024 8461 or email us at now!

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