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Gifting Prodir pens with logo and business details can be effective advertising tools for your company!

While there are all kinds of advertising items that can help you build brand visibility, promotional pens have become the most fashionable promotional gifts because they are among the most widely used and reasonably priced products available. While they may appear to be a simple gift, promotional pens are a cost-effective marketing solution that will make a big impression on your target market without breaking the bank.

There are a lot of things branded pens can do to perk up your business. They can prove to be extremely beneficial for your company if you give away a few pens to people with your company message and logo engraved on them. A long term benefit of these printed pens is that they will be used again and again, providing an engaging brand building platform for your customers and employees! Since these pens will remain useful for a long period of time, they offer good promotional value. For this reason, pens are used as promotional tools across a wide array of businesses.

While inexpensive mass-produced pens are suitable for marketing drives targeted at the general public, if you have special clients for whom you want to show your gratitude and appreciation, you can do so with printed Prodir pens. For high end customers, branded pens made of top-quality materials such as those made by Prodir are most apt for showing how valuable they are to your company. The more pens you give away with your business information on them, the more awareness they will spread about your business.

Manufactured exclusively in Switzerland, Prodir has been a leading name in the production and supply of custom-made pens and writing tools for use as promotional products. Since these pens are wholly crafted in Switzerland, the highest standard of production is followed along with special attention to detail and respect for the environment. The tradition of efficiency that Prodir is well-known for is a combination of nonstop research and innovative designs that are technologically advanced as well as environmentally friendly. Since the purpose of their promotional writing tools is to represent the brand values of a company perfectly and contribute positively to their overall market standing, this premium pen brand boasts of the widest variety of personalisation options that support their customers’ brand images.

To help you with your advertising campaigns, we offer different types of promotional Prodir pens at pocket-friendly rates. Browse through our vast selection of branded Prodir pens to select the ones that meet your marketing requirements best.

Boasting of a soft feel and touch rubberised body, Prodir ES1 Soft-Touch Pens are ideal for everyday writing activities. These rubber coated pens feature a distinctive and ergonomically designed triangular body that gels perfectly with its transparent clip and metal push button. Available in standard blue or black ink colour options, these pens are offered in four fun and vibrant colours: orange, red, blue and black. Voted the best product design of 2013 by the IF Award jury, Prodir ES2 Ball Pens make excellent promotional choices. Available in 10 transparent colours, Prodir ES2 Ball Pens will always attract attention whenever they are used due to their rounded triangular shape and satin finish metal clip. Their exquisite design and finish ensures that this line of writing instrument always sport a very distinctive elegance.

Among these, the most sought after quality promotional Prodir pens is our range of Prodir DS3 Ball Pens, which exude timeless appeal due to their iconic classic design. Available in 34 standard colours with transparent, matt, frosted or polished surfaces, these pens come with plastic, chrome or satin finish metal cone tips. We also have an evolved version of the iconic DS3 available. Sporting the classic DS3 design feature, Prodir DS3.1 Ball Pens come with a larger branding area and an improved twist mechanism. A swiss-made oversized refill with a tungsten carbide writing ball in a 1.0 mm nickel silver tip ensure smooth and clear writing. Another excellent twist ballpoint pen range is our Prodir DS1 Ball Pens range which sports a slim and trim body along with a curved cap design. Like the DS3.1 ballpoint pens, this line is also supplied with a Swiss-made oversized refill and a tungsten carbide writing ball in a nickel silver tip of 1.0 mm size. Also included in our wide array of branded Prodir pens is the Prodir DS5 range of Ball Pens which sport a futuristic ballpoint design. Possessing all the qualities of a classy writing instrument, these DS5 ballpoint pens make a bold style statement with their off-centre clip design and feature a large print area, making them ideal promotional gifts!

Apart from the common twist pen function, our company also provides a great choice of printed Prodir pens that come with a versatile push button feature. Featuring a large print area and an innovative push mechanism, these Prodir DS7 Ball Pens are suitable for making a bold statement in your promotional campaigns. Equally unusual yet simple in product design, Prodir DS4 Ball Pens are offered in 10 transparent or 8 varnished full colour options, and are also available with a metal barrel body.

In order to present these premium quality printed Prodir pens in an attractive manner so your high profile clients and business executives remember your company name, we have available attractive Prodir presentation cases that are guaranteed to leave a more positive and lasting impression on your recipients! Take a look at the three types of Prodir presentation cases available on offer.

Prodir PS1 Cases are slim and elegant looking pen cases that can contain up to two writing instruments. The top notch materials used in making these cases ensures their lifelong durability and resilience. Available in four colours and finishes, these cases are not meant to just hold pens but are a great place to add your promotional message as well! Suitable for housing one writing tool, Prodir PS2 Transparent Cases are known for their decorum and simplicity in design. With such presentation cases, the need for additional imprinting or customisation is no longer required as your business message is prominently visible through the transparent material.

Especially designed for eco-friendly marketing campaigns, Prodir PS2 Cardboard Cases are promotional tools that have a high degree of recognition and attraction for your brand. Though these cases look like ordinary gift boxes, they provide a large surface area for imprinting your promotional message. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, Prodir PS3 Dual Boxes are equally attractive and useful. Providing a clear and profile-enhancing form, these boxes are available in two versions. While one version is made from two fibre-moulded components of eco-friendly cellulose, the other is made from a thermo-moulded component made out of completely recycled PET bottles. Both components are attached together with a black elastic band to form an individual case.

Have our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff personalise these branded Prodir pens with your corporate logo and brand name for added brand visibility. Along with producing stunning and striking logo designs, our designers can skilfully replicate your business information with greater clarity so that these marketing tools provide your business with lifelong advertising exposure, creating long term brand awareness for your business.

To get more information about our promotional Prodir pens, take a look at the video provided by us, which highlights the manufacturing process of Prodir pens. Get in touch with us by calling us at 0161 672 5804 or send us an email at to know more!

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