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Fountain pens with logo and business messages printed on them make sophisticated promotional gifts!

Among the various forms of writing instruments, fountain pens are prominently displayed in offices because they exude sophistication and elegance. Because of their elegant design or colour, they immediately attract the attention of people standing nearby. By personalising these stylish pens with your brand name and company logo, your business message receives further refinement and professionalism. A good quality fountain pen is always well received when presented as a gift.

Many people view companies that distribute fountain pens with a measure of respect for reviving and associating their brand name with such a classic writing instrument. At the same time, these branded pens are usually offered to people occupying important positions and to reward clients and employees for their loyalty. Most importantly, unlike normal pens, fountain pens are not considered to be expendable or temporary items in homes and offices.

Use our promotional fountain pens to reward your customers, employees and executives and send a positive message about the level of class your company maintains! We provide a variety of functional and sophisticated fountain pens from globally recognised brands such as Grosvenor, Da Vinci, Parker and Waterman in various shapes, sizes, colour and finishes. Crafted from the best raw materials, our printed fountain pens are not only hardy and long lasting but make affordable promotional corporate gifts as well!

Featuring a stainless steel or lacquer finish and offered in standard blue or black ink colour, Waterman fountain pens combine both modernity and tradition in their construction. Suitable for gift-giving occasions as well as everyday use, these pens are easy to carry in bags, pockets or diaries. You can choose to have them in gold or chrome trim designs. Along with their ergonomically designed body, these pens offer a smooth writing experience with a refined and stylish touch to them, and are prized for their flexibility and smoothness.

Some of our most sought after premium pens are from the renowned brand – Parker. Featuring an ergonomically designed body and precision engineering, Parker pens are highly sought after by both men and women as they offer optimal performance combined with a lavish and trendy finish and exquisite detail. Perfect weight balance along with a solid grip makes Parker pens suitable writing instruments for your business executives and partners.

Our Grosvenor fountain pens sport a black body with chrome trim, and the Da Vinci range features an executive capped fountain pen in silver or chrome finish. All of these fountain pens with logo and business messages printed on them are supplied in luxurious padded presentation cases that serve to add a touch of class to the gift.

Our team of logo designing specialists are expert at customising branded fountain pens with your logo and company name. The use of advanced printing techniques (including pad print and screen printing) guarantees that your business message is reproduced with greater care and accuracy.

To learn more about our wide selection of promotional fountain pens and the different customisation techniques available, get in touch with our sales team today! Give us a call at 0800 024 8461 or write to us at for more details.

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