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Create brand visibility for your business with branded marker pens!

Since marker pens are used by people of all ages to mark text, images or logos, they are extremely effective as business promotional gifts. When people get such practical and useful stationary as free gift items they keep them in their bag or pocket, and whenever they use them, your company’s name and other business details will always be refreshed in their mind.

Whether you have a big marketing budget or a small one, our company has a wide assortment of promotional marker pens that make great reasonably priced promotional business gifts. A case in point is our Permanent Marker Pro, which is part of our economical permanent marker collection. Offered in black, blue, green and red ink, these markers come in matching ink colour caps and trims. We offer these marker pens in individual pieces or as a plastic wallet set at an additional cost.

Extremely versatile and practical for both our Permanent Marker Pro and Dry Wipe Marker Pro collections, our Dry Wipe Marker Pro Wallets and Pro Marker Holders are an exceptional choice as personalised corporate gifts.

While the latter range of marker holder sports magnetic strips on the back, the former features a transparent plastic wallet that can accommodate four marker pens. With such customer gifts, the marker pens of your customers and business associates will always remain organised as well as within their easy reach.

As a unique corporate gift idea, our Stealth UV Markers are a most noteworthy promotional gift. Sporting a leak-proof polypropylene body, these branded marker pens come with high quality invisible ink that is only visible under a UV light, making these marker pens ideal for writing invisible notes or marking things discreetly.

Using the latest imprinting methods, have our branding experts customise the barrels of these corporate logo gifts with your logo and business name in order to generate long lasting brand visibility for your products and services.

For further details about our marker pens with logo contact our sales team at Zest Promotional today! You can either email us at or call us at 0800 024 8461 for more details.

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