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Create an impact for your business through promotional puzzles!

Nowadays, many businesses distribute printed puzzles as part of their marketing campaign. Unlike other promotional products, promotional puzzles make for the perfect marketing tool as they are not only seen but are used and played with in spare time. People of all ages from children to adults love to play with puzzles.

Zest Promotional has a wide array of printed puzzles and promotional rubiks cube products to offer, and promotional rubiks cube products are our speciality! They are ideal for garnering maximum exposure to your business. Our brand of Rubiks Cubes is available in both large and small sizes. With this product, you can have your business name and logo printed on all six sides of the cube! For a bigger branding area, you can try our Rubiks Large LED Light, which can be your own personal guiding light!

If you are looking for a unique Rubiks cube product, try our Rubiks Snake. It combines the function of a plaything and is great for brand promotion as well. Another unique item from our promotional rubiks cube stable is LED flashlights designed like a Rubiks Cube. You can also promote your business through our rubiks pen and highlighter options.

Besides our rubiks cube collection, we also have other kinds of puzzles available on our site available at affordable rates. We have puzzle games in wooden pieces in 3D format. We also offer a 3 in 1 wooden puzzle set.

Call us now to print your business name and logo on our promotional puzzles! To receive more advice and information about our products, get in touch with our sales team today! You can email us at or contact us at 0800 024 8461.

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